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Nigerian Caterers in North East England - Help!

Hi Everyone,

My fiancé and I are getting married in 2015 (he is Nigerian and I am British). Whilst we are planning on having a formal sit down wedding breakfast, we want to have a half and half evening buffet with some Nigerian food, and some British food so our friends and family who have never experienced it can try it too but we are struggling to find Nigerian caterers in Northumberland! And venues who will let us bring some of our own food in the evening! It's a tiny wedding by Nigerian standards - 120 people - but pretty big by British standards! We have fallen in love with one place that would let us bring our own but it is £12.5k venue hire before any food or drinks which is probably a bit steep!

Any help/advice would be gratefully received, also any tips on how to manage the different cultures throughout the day and manage expectations of both sides of the family!

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  • NowMrsUNowMrsU Posts: 95

    Hey ladies I can help with venue searches and other things you may need for your wedding at a small price. As I am just starting out in the business I will not charge too much. I have attached pictures of my wedding day which I planned and designed myself, I have also planned other events. If you like what you see please send me an email to [email protected]














  • fludufludu Posts: 21

    Congrats on your engagement and wedding plans.I have a list if interested as I am in a similar position and have made several enquiries.

    I need a hall for at least 200 but yours fits the criteria for several venues I have contacted.I have now narrowed my selection to two one listed below.The order can send privately only because need to secure my date first. 

    Here are some examples of possible self catering venues.I can send more if needed

    Winter Gardens Hexham (

    Assembly rooms (they have several suite,I love the ballroom with Chandelier.They are close for refurbishment when I will be getting married so sadly not available for me)

    Blackfriars Centre,Off Newbridge Street

    The Beacon (off westgate road)

  • al28al28 Posts: 41 New bride

    Hi Fludu!

    Thanks so much for your reply! We went for the one we loved which was pricier but we couldn't think of anywhere else after seeing it again! We did view Kirkley Hall, and I went to school at QEHS so the winter gardens is very familiar to me but reminded me a bit too much of school! Thankfully they allow us to bring our own food so we can do half and half in the evening (we both want a traditional wedding wedding breakfast in the afternoon)

    Have you chosen your venue yet? Thanks so much for your help image

  • fludufludu Posts: 21

    I am glad you got the venue you wanted. No I haven't found one that can accommodate all my guest. I still have some more viewings. 

  • fludufludu Posts: 21

    Did you find a Nigerian caterer?

  • nicci2nicci2 Posts: 1

    I'm also looking for a nigerian caterer for my wedding in Dec 2016 in the cleveland area if anyone can help I am also British marrying a nigerian with nigerian friends xxx

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