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King Solomon Caterers???!!!???

Hello People!

I need a candid opinion on King Solomon Caterer!!! Has anyone eaten, attended an event he catered or has had any dealings with him?


Your help would be much appreciated. I already have a booking with Favour but I am on a very tight budget.


Many thanks image



  • Please please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pm  NearlyMrsMoses  as I remember she was looking for caribbean caterers last year and got lots of advice image

  • Thank you! I will send her a msg ASAP. image

  • NowMrsUNowMrsU Posts: 95

    Hey ladies I can help with venue searches and other things you may need for your wedding at a small price. As I am just starting out in the business I will not charge too much. I have attached pictures of my wedding day which I planned and designed myself, I have also planned other events. If you like what you see please send me an email to [email protected]














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  • Please tell me what the feedback on Favour and King Solomon is ? In the same predicament

  • Hi Mary are you still in the same predicament?

  • We can't wait to get married, we have gone for 

    the best, who are favours catering..

    we are also using these people who are

    brilliant:- -  wedding consultant and planning and MC and compere and booking agent all in one... specialist in our


    hope this helps...






  • My friend used king solomons catering for her wedding .... she did say it was expensive but then she was feeding the 5000 LOL 

    but in all honesty the food ...OMG ... it was to die for!!

    so now im planning my august bank holiday wedding and going crazy finding caterers and although she said he was expensive ive just put in for a quote, hopefully its not an arm and a leg bcoz im TRYING to work on a strict budget!!




  • MzXavMzXav Posts: 2

    My venue has King Solomon on their PSL. Has anyone used them recently? How did you find them for food, service and dealing with them?
  • wife2be2wife2be2 Posts: 3

    hi i need help finding a venue for my wedding next year. on a tight budget and looking for a nice one that can sit 250 guests comfortably for £2500 or less. Somewhere at most 1.5hrs from London. help a sister please!!!

  • wife2be2wife2be2 Posts: 3

    also one that allows external catering.


  • Chiming here as I have found your comment incredibly useful.


    I'm a Ghanian soon to be bride and as much as Favours is the name listed on my venues prefered lists, I would encourage you to give King Solomon a try!

    Their prices are not too dissimilar to be honest, but I know the fear of the external caterer fee will have some of you brides making a decision to go with Favours. Favours is a well organised company with great marketing behind it. The taster was impressive, Nigel is a charming guy and the food was tasty.

    King Solomon however, is a catering company at the core! Solomon is passionate about food and if you've been to any Michelin starred restaurants or fine dining experiences you'll know that even there it's very rare to meet the chef! My point? If like me you want your guests to be talking highly of your wedding especially the food I employ you to give King Solomon a try.

    The taster we had was right in his kitchen in Acton and to see the food being plated up, the spices, his cleanliness and most of all get to taste the food right from his kitchen left me highly impressed. Whilst this was very different from the glamour of Favours taster I felt like this was a true taster. Whatsmore I got to take food home to enjoy!:)




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