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What music are you guys having? we are getting married in a Church in Cyprus but I'm not sure what to have for bridal march not sure if I wanted the traditional 'dum dum de dum' or not!

My sister in law and niece 2b are going to sing for us during the service and I have a selection of hymns to choose from.. what about signing the register do you think something classical would be appropriate?? Sorry for the ramblings but I keep going round in circles!! H2b says 'it's up to you babe' which is no help at all!!

Someone please put me on the straight and narrow image

Kathy x


  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Oh gosh.. forgot about music for the ceremony!!

    Only got a few songs sorted for the reception, so im no help at all, lol

    I like the tradition 'dum dum de dum', but i guess it will depend on how traditional the style of your wedding is. If i was having a church wedding i'd go with the dum dum de dum as a bridal march, or consider the instrumentals of a favourite song?!

    Told you i wasn't going to be much help... still stuck on 1st bases confused about the colour scheme lol x
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Oh you're no help at all are you lol!!!

    I managed to find a list of songs from a CD on I'll have a listen and then make some suggestions, how's that?? ps thanks for replying - no-one wanted to talk to me!!
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I am having 3 bits of music to walk into. one for my mum to be escorted down the aisle, theme from Jurassic park! lol she doesn't know what it is but she's given me nothing but hell over this wedding! ha ha, bridesmaids have got an instrumental of 'wonderful tonight' then me & dad to an instrumental of Paul McCartney's 'my love'
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