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Nigerian/Ghanaian Tailor or Dress Maker


I'm getting married next year April (I'm being super organised and getting a major head start). 

I'm looking into the possibility of having my bridesmaids dresses and traditional Nigerian outfits tailor made. 

Does anyone know of any good tailors and dress makers who charge reasonable prices around London. I'm based in West London but I do not mind travelling around London or Surrey to get what I want for my dream wedding! 


If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love if you could send them my way. 


  • fludufludu Posts: 21

    I am not very familiar with tailors in London but my wedding dress is being made by a London based tailor Kosibah. I have seen a lot of his work on bellanaija and

    Here is a link to his site It is custom made based on your design style and preference. I am waiting to see mine.

    If interested can send contact details and refer you to him. 

  • Temi-LATemi-LA Posts: 60

    Hi fludu

    If you could send me the contact details, really appreciate it. do you know what the price range for his work is like?


  • fludufludu Posts: 21

    Hi contact details sent.

  • NowMrsUNowMrsU Posts: 95

    Sounds like you need a planner or on the day coordinator- visit for competitive prices.

  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    NowMrsU Stop spamming! 

  • Temi-LATemi-LA Posts: 60



    Thank you for your continuous suggestions on various threads about needing a planner or on the day coordinator.

    Appreciate that you are trying to promote your business, but your responses aren't helpful for those who obviously already know they don't want a planner or can't afford one and that's why they are trying to source out vendors and items for their wedding themselves.

    If you actually know of a tailor or a forum for tailors then please suggest, otherwise please don't contribute.

    On a side note, I have looked at your webiste and it looks fine but perhaps focus on threads actually asking for servics you provide.


  • NowMrsUNowMrsU Posts: 95

    Hi Temi-LA Thank you for your message. The reasons for my posts is exactly that, some people may not ask for a planner because they cannot afford one, by me offering my services for free it reduces that problem. If you would like advise or information about tailors message me privately and I would be more than happy to help. Thank you.

  • MrsB5MrsB5 Posts: 2

    This lady is very good she made my cousins brides maid dresses and she will be making my bridemaids dresses too 07962359481 her name is Angie

  • Amanda8Amanda8 Posts: 10



    I can highly recommend Yemi at Kosibah, really lovely guy and his designs are stunning.



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