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What to put in favour bags?


I'm having so much trouble finding/ deciding what to include in my favour bag. I don't just want to have sweets etc but don't want to spend a fortune on them either.

Where can i get small, cute and cheap presents from? What did anyone else have?

Thank you.

Aneisha x


  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Aneisha if you do a google search for wedding favours, there are a few online suppliers of a large variety of favours, mimi photo albums, candles, miniture drinks, personalised rock candy etc.One that springs to mind is called a wedding less ordinary. Good luck x
  • aneisha13aneisha13 Posts: 53
    Thanks for that - i saw that site but thought that by asking you girls i could find something cheaperimage as i wanted to put two small gifts in plus the usual sweets. But eventually found an American site selling some lovely stuff for less than $2 and and some for as low as $0.45. I'm waiting to hear if they will deliver to the UK otherwise getting relatives to post for me.


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