Adivah's staff stole from my wedding!

We hired Adivah's on the recommendation of our wedding co- ordinator to provide the tableware and waiting staff for our wedding.

On the day, the service was terrible, tables were missing cutlery etc and guests and to keep requesting it (for some reason they felt it acceptable to only put forks out). They also caused us to lose part of our refundable deposit from the wedding by failing to clear away/tidy up at the end of the night.

But worst of all, their staff stole  loads of bottles of alcohol. 

The owner of the company Linda has admitted that the staff stole from us and her only action is to say that she has "told them off" and may "consider" suspending some of them

We had paid for their staff to get home after the wedding, yet 7 of them begged for a ride in the coach hired for our family. We let them on and one of them vomited all over the place (presumably from all the alcohol they had been drinking) and we were also left with a fine from the coach company to pay. 

I'm on my honeymoon right now, and thinking about everything that happened at my wedding is making me sad. A few of our vendors were fab, but others seemed to really want to do all they could to ruin our day - Adivah's being one of the worst. image


  •  OMG i am so sorry to here of that 

  • RubyCatRubyCat Posts: 272 New bride

    Have they offerred to reimburse the deposit you lost and the cost of the alcohol?

  • What horrendous service, they should be refunding you at least the cost of the fine from the coach service and the cost of the alcohol their staff stole!!! Shocking! 

  • Nope, nothing at all. The owner seemed to think her response was sufficient. For me it's not even about the money, it's the attitude. it's just not oh a decent human being should run a business at all. She is responsible for her staff, but doesn't seem to think drinking on the job and stealing and serious offences. What does that say about the kind of organisation she is running generally?

    if that was my business, I would be mortified if that is how my staff behaved and would do everything I could to rectify the situation. Instead, when my husband said that her lack of action would mean that we may have to take legal action, she became overly defensive and somewhat threatening on the phone. 

    Utterly terrible woman. 

    But on the plus side - I'm Mrs Moses now! That's something her staff couldn't steal at least! image

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