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Decoration ideas for non traditional pentecostal church

Hi all,

I'm getting married on the 8th September this year and have finally turned my attention to how to decorate the church during the cermony.

My difficulty with trying to figure out the church decor is that i attend an african pentecostal church so the building is not the tradiitonal 'old 'style English church building with pews, ornate windows, dramtic high ceilings etc etc.

My church is essentially a plain room with rows of chairs and a very plain stage at the front. Can't do pew ends as we have no pews, it isn't really the sort of church with candles etc either. Any ideas what we can do to jazz it up a bit for the cermony, especially along thr aisle and the front of the stage where we will be doing our vows..

They usually do balloon arrangements in the church for wedding's but i'm not keen on this.

Also need some ideas for the entrance as again it is very plain outside the building and would like outside pics to look decent!

Want to keep this quite cost effective as we're spending a fortune on the recepetion flowers etc lol

Thanks in advance lovely ladies


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  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi You could consider a long carpet down the aisle with petals scattered on them, trees - the little ones in pots on each end of the row of chairs, I would love those Topiary trees outside, I think you can get this hired in, I would also instead of balloon things get draping around the room if allowed.

    You could at the front have large flower displays and lots of church candles etc. If you take a look at the planning section, I am sure some people give you tons of ideas!!

    It reminds me of my mums church, its a blank canvas venue to dress only because the cost can spiral, but once done will look stunning

    Good luck with it.

  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    i agree with sidewalk, a runner with some petals scattered over it or you could get some material and drape it along the inside of the chairs to get a swag look, if you understand what i mean?
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    My mum made ribbons will tulle and pull bows and secured these onto the chairs with double sided tape. We also had a huge arrangment of flowers on a pedestal in front , and my flower girls dropped petals onto the runner as they walked in.

    Also as sidewalk said, adding topiary trees could give a look, or getting big standalone clear vases and wrapping ivy garlands round them and large candles inside.
  • MrsChuckleMrsChuckle Posts: 18
    Some great ideas, thanks everyone... really like the idea of the runner carpet with petalsand topiary trees outside would def perk up the outside area for photos..., will have to figure out a way of securing the trees though so they don't get nicked (my church is in a lovely area lol)

    Hoping to have meting with the pastor in the next few weeks so will find out about any restrictions on draping matrial inside....lots to think about such little time! x

    Think I strugled with ideas cos have been to so many weddings over the years at the church with balloons just couldnt think of anything else!
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