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Bridal Underwear.. urgent help needed


I have only 40days and everything has started to go wrong. I ordered my underwear off ther internet it arrived today and is the wrong size.

Now my aunt who is a seamstress and is altering my dress says i should have gone for a black basque anyway?

So my question is what colour have you brides of colour chosen the standard white/ivory or black.


  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    my dress is diamond white, and ive got a white basque.

    why should you have opted for a black basque? ive never heard anyone recommend black underwear under pale clothing before!
  • reetsmorganreetsmorgan Posts: 514
    Hi ladies

    black under wear is usually the way to go, under a white dress white undies may show through, all your guests staring at your scanties on your big day is SOO not a good look.
  • reetsmorganreetsmorgan Posts: 514
    BTW I have gone for a black all in one industrial strength squash it all in hold it all up number, with something a little frillier and sexy for mr man later on. If you have the stamina you can trawl through lots of posts on this topic and for the most part it seems to be prisoner of war camp undies with the dress and the Moulan rouge stuff for later on.

    SOOOO practice getting out of your dress on your own or getting you b/maids to help change into the bedroom stuff a little earlier on in the evening and get you back into the dress.
  • Mummy2KMummy2K Posts: 627
    Hi mrsmccalla.

    i originally brought a prisoner of war camp set of black undies for myself but was advised by the bridal shop at my fitting to get a light coloured i.e. white or ivory. i couldn't see why they were asking this as you can't see my underwear at all and i automatically buy black undies for anything. but i suppose there's always that possibility that they might show. so yesterday i brought a lovely set from m&s and they do the trick but are actually pretty! lace, push up, padded the full works (i need all the help i can get!) and ivory, although you can get them in white too. a good price too i thought-£22 for the set.

    not sure about the colour issue black/white/ivory i don't know?!
  • aneisha13aneisha13 Posts: 53
    Hi, I have only got 35 days to go and still haven't bought mine yet. But was going to go for a black basque i saw at my dress is white...

    Good luck
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    i bought ivory underwear......well knickers because i didnt need a bra because of the style of dress. i say go with whatever you feel comfortable! x
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