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Enought time for hair trial?

Hello all. I am getting married in 3 weeks and have not had a trial on my desired hairstyle. The thing is, i want to have a weave on, and have it held up loosely with ringlets down and around my face. Ithe hair looks my mind, but i need to see it first as i have a round face and cannot risk experimenting on the day.

Problem: Since i have only 3 weeks to go, bearing in mind that i have already bough the expensive hair (cuticle hair)I don't want to put in a weave yet because if i have to leave it on until the day of the wedding, it will look..old. I want to wear this expensive hair at least 2 days before the day, so it will look fresh and nice.

Also, I do not fancy using any old weaves just to try because it means spending all that time and money putting on a weave, only to take it out again in 3 weeks time and then putting another one in. The strain cannot be good for my natural hair.

I was thinking that i could just use a human hair wig and experiment but i'm not sure. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. please help as I don't have much time.:\?


  • rebeccag2brebeccag2b Posts: 350
    I think the wig idea is your best bet. If I were you I'd have some ideas for styles to do with the weave as backup just in case the one you have your heart set on doesn't look how you imagined (just as a precaution I'm sure it will look perfect)

    Hope it goes well x
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    I agree... the wig is the only idea that will save you money (not having to buy extra weave) and less damage to your natural hair.

    Do you have a hairdresser you know you want to do your hair yet?? I would definately make an appointment as soon as possible... Try and find the style in a magazine or online so they have an idea of what you are looking to achieve

    good luck x
  • oguchieoguchie Posts: 41
    Thanks guys for your advice. I think i will go with the wig idea, but it has to be human hair so it can withstand all that heat from the styling. I have a regular hair dresser i use and I have discussed the style i want with her. i will dash off to the shops to get the human hair wig. Can anyone recommend a good human hair wig that can do the job and is not so expensive?
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