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Does anyone know a good hairdresser in Surrey/London?


I live in surrey and am looking for a hairdresser. My current hairdresser is in west London (near work) and while she does an excellent job- she is often late and I would have problems getting her to my house for the morning of the wedding. I don't know what sort of hair I want!



  • AndipinkAndipink Posts: 657
    Hi Kerry,

    I also live in Surrey and work in the City so use a hairdresser in Covent Garden but this is going to be way too far the morning of my big day so I'm thinking about using Raquel Wheeler in Norbury who I used to visit before. She is pretty good and much cheaper than my central London-based one. I'm going to give her a trial before my wedding to make sure that she can do what I want and that her time-keeping is up to standard - well better than standard!! When are you getting married?
  • I am getting married 2nd August 08- so have time. Bought my dress yesterday and it made me start to think about my hair! What about you?
  • I'm going to use suave in Croydon, Derick is an excellent stylist. Pricy but worth every penny.
  • AndipinkAndipink Posts: 657
    Following my earlier post, Raquel started burning my scalp when relaxing my hair so I made a sharp exit!! I'm now going to Hype Coiffure in Balham and Cyndia is pretty good. Not a burn in sight!!
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