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Firstly.....I apologise for my complete and utter disappearance from the forum. I have no excuse....just hectic lifestyle. Leading up to the wedding I dont know where my time went and after the wedding just got back into work routine. every evening I kept saying I must log on and catch up with the ladies, married and unmarried! I came home and promptly did housework, and feel asleep!!

I have had a quick read and catch up and its great too see you all still keeping in contact. It seems many moons ago I logged on and asked the question "Are there any Afro Caribbean Brides to be in Here"...and there are so many....still!

Anyway, please feel free to look at pics

website is

Wedding of Lisa and Rannie


  • Congrats! Finally!!!!

    Who gave you away?

    you look like you had a great time!

    thought you'd gone forever! x
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Wow , thought you had done a runner Dual. Did you enjoy your day, i knew your day was filled with sunshine cause it was the same day as moi. You looked beautiful by the way,.

    You are the like the first pilgrim of this forum lol , so please pop in to say hello now and again!!
  • Hi Ladies

    Sassy, im still here girl!! I looked at your piccys, fabulous, you guys looked well happy. and your hubby is a fine looker!! It was my one and only brother who gave me away.

    How was the honeymoon and do you feel any different being married?? wedding day twin. The weather was just on point wasnt it!!! I couldnt believe our luck!

    and how was your honeymoon and whats married life like?

    Mine was brilliant. Ate, Relaxed, Slept (amoungst other things!!) I must have put on 1/2 stone, the food was so plentiful. We only went for a week as we promised the children that we' do a holiday with them too so we are off to tunisia in 3 weeks for a weeks break...kind of honeymoon part 2, the kids are having their own room! Yipee!! But its just next door so we have to be quiet!

    Now that you are both married, looking back at your big day, would you have done anything different? I was happy with all of my day. Didnt really like the food that the hotel provided, Ive eaten better at my local carvery, but thats the only piss off off the day, it didnt really affect it though.

    Nothing is different, but it just takes us to another level, being someones wife, no longer thier "woman" or "baby mother" LOL!

    What about name changes. Its such a nightmare changing to my married name, so much paperwork and send your marraige certififcate to every tom dick and harry!!

    I got my new passport back just last week. I went on my honeymoon in my maiden name, but Ive changed it now and my passport is offical, Im Mrs Elliott!! Cost me flippin £66 though to change it, I still had 5 years left on it!

  • Congratulations Dual...

    Amazing pictures, the church looks lovely, the wedding parties outfits look really nice!...

    Glad the day and honeymoon went well. Where did you go on your honeymoon... Have fun in Tunisia xx

  • Congratulations, thought you were missing in action for a long time. Your photo's look fantastic, and you look particularly glamourous I must say. I think all of us "founder members " are all married off now, just leaving space to the younger one's out there.

    I thought I would give up on this site once I'd done the deed, but its far too addictive.
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Congrats!! It looked like an amazing day!! Your photos are wonderful!!x
  • aaah Dual you all looked beautiful and your photographer took some fab pics. Hope you and hubby are very very happy xxx
  • Honeymoon was in Domincan Republic, beautiful place and fantastic people, we will defo be going back.

    Thanks for the comments on pictures ladies, it truly was a beautful day. I want to do it all again!!!!
  • Hi Dual

    Your pictures are fantastic.

    Glad you had a great day.
  • NaddyNaddy Posts: 114
    Welcome back. Your pictures are lovely. Congratulations.
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