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I have a cake problem, what would you do..

Hey ladies,

As you know we're going off to sunny Cyprus for our wedding, now my problem is transporting the cake do I, don't I?? Mum is already having to get used to the idea of us choosing Cyprus for a start and the fact that DJ won't have any soca tunes! So now I have to break it to her that I won't be able to get west indian cake their either is going to be traumatic for her!!

I want my cake to look and taste top class, now I know that if i bring it from here I will just have to have very plain icing then 'dress' it up when I get to Cyprus with fres flowers etc. Or they make some beautiful ones out there but it will be sponge.

Would you risk taking it on the plane? am I worrying for nothing and I should just go to sleep, hee, hee!

Kathy x


  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi, I would have 2 cakes, 1 from here and 1 in Cyprus. That way you have covered all the bases.x
  • Hi how were you planning to display your cake, ie 3 tiers of fancyness or something eles,

    here's what I did, I had a false cake, the bottom tier was fake (shhhhhh don't tell my guests image )

    It was iced & decorated polystyrene to look like the rest of the cakes, how about taking a fake cake with you, much easier on your baggage allowance, and go with the real cake that they make for you out there.

  • Ps forgot to say, you could have a really extravangant fake cake for photographic purposes and parcel up the caribbean style cake to post distribute when you get back, this way you get to incorporate all the folk who could'nt make the wedding in Cyprus.

    How long to the big day.
  • Hi there cyprus bride. We are having a similiar problem. I think we will bring our cake and also have the beautifully decorated cake for pictures etc. When are you getting married? What are you doing about favours etc? Are you bringing a lot of things with you?
  • Thanks ladies, Brownie I hadn't thought about the fake cake option before..hmmn I'll think about that.. I think it might just be easier to have the cake made there and seeing as we have chosen Cyprus it only seems fair to have the day as 'Cyriot' as possible?? We just want to make sure we have some cultural aspect to the day.. the counter says 234 days!!! Next May - we can't wait, if we had the money we would have got married this year. Brownie, have you recovered from the celebrations? I thought your pictures were amazing, that's the kind of subtle elegance I want for my day.

    bride2b080808, trying not to bring too many things with us, favours will probably be cypriot sweets/chocolates and something for the guests to keep (not sure about that yet). x
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