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Help, Help....

I'm getting married in Cork next year. My H2B is Irish and I'll be moving there either just before or just after the wedding.

Long shot I know, but does anyone know a good make-up artist/hair stylist capable of working with black skin & hair? I did find one, but she was in Dublin (AAARRGGGGHHHH)!

Thanks :\)


  • helloo

    if your getting married in Cork then why dont you get someone to pick you up some local magazines of whos in the area, beauty, spa ect & word of mouth?

    is that what you meant?

    are you in the Uk but having someone plan your wedding in Cork for you? i'd rope them into tracking someone down and helping you out babe! xx

    friends, family whatever it takes - delegate it hehehe image
  • Thanks for the response.

    Well - think I've found an answer. I'm going to see if I can snaffle a MAC make-up artist from the MAC counter in Brown Thomas. Still struggling with the hair...

    Yes - am in the UK, and doing most of the planning & org from here. Without being funny, not sure SIL2B would know what kind of questions to pose to the hairdresser, so will need to go over myself in Feb.
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