traditional wedding Dec 08 in nigeria

any ideas of veunes in lagos around Ikoyi or V.i for trad wedding.



  • hmn....I know you can use LTV 8 for it. I'm sure there are halls around too. You can just ask around. Goodluck with your search
  • thx monisola, i went to 9ja last xmas 07 and i did some research, believe it or not we settled for LTV8. , pls do you knw of any good decorator you could rcommend. when is ur wedding?

  • hello everyone, i want my traditional wedding in nigeria in kaduna and then i want my white wedding here in surrey. do you guys hav any idea of how to work it in terms of logistics i'd rather not do it there but i hav so many ppl i want to come round to it that might not be able to come to england and it might offend alot of ppl if i dont. but i'm worried about the budget. any solutions welcomed!
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