Tattoo Covering

Hi everyone

Has anyone tried or can recommend a product that would be good for covering tattoos on black skin? I'm going to be wearing a strapless dress and normally love my tats but I don't think they'll look good with my wedding gown if you know what I mean as I have one on each forearm they're not very big though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


  • Have you tried using a concealer for dark skin or rubbing a foundation and concealer mixed together.I know ladies mix foundation and miracle concealers to cover scars on white skin. So that might work for you as well. Or you could visit stockists of Nubian make up for dark skin for specialist advice. Hope this helps
  • MrsC2beMrsC2be Posts: 140
    Ive heard Dermablend is best for covering tattoos. Covers really well without the 'caked on' look.

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  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    I know we recommend 'camouflage' makeup to our vitiligo patients. It works extremely well and comes in all shades. The coverage is excellent and it often doesn't end up loking like makeup for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, i don't have any names off the top of my head so try and google vitiligo makeup and aim for only 'google uk' results

    good luck

  • Hi hun,

    MAC has released a Full Coverage Foundation which is ideal for tattoos.

    Otherwise have a look at Dermablend, it's a bit harder to get a hold of but they're really good as well.

    I have to do the same thing for my tattoos otherwise the shame of the world will be brought down on my family's head.. hehehhe

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