Iberostar Costa dorada Dominican Republic Oct 08

Hi everyone

i am getting married at the Iberostar in Dominican Republic Costa Dorada this october.

Has anyone been to a wedding at this hotel because I would really like some information on a couple of things.

First the hairdresser, are they any good? a review on trip advisor claimed they only knew one style!

Also what was the reception party like? Did they decorate the tables etc, should I take my own decorations such as bubbles etc and favours or can thses be added to the package on arrival?

Any info about the package at this hotel would be really appreciated. If anyone has any photos of their wedding or one they attended and they didnt mind letting me see a few that would be fantastic.

Thanks everyone.

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  • Hi there, not sure if this helps greatly, but i stayed at the hotel a couple of years ago and spoke to a woman who was getting married at the hotel. She had a few issues, yes she wasnt happy with the hairdresser/stylist but after explaining in great detail what she wanted she was happy. The only other issue was that she wanted to get married on the beach and this was not allowed. The ceremony was held in the gardens, and the one thing i did notice was what you wear. Some people just didnt prepare for the hot weather and it was quite common for people to faint. Having spent 2 weeks there and talking to various couples the big day was enjoyable for all. Sorry i cant be of more help.
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    I went to my friends Wedding Sept 2005 and enjoyed it so much I got married there last September (2007). Do not be put off, you will have a great time!

    You will not be disappointed, this is the 2nd best hotel on the island and is only beaten by the other Iberostar on the opposite side.

    I agree with the hairdresser comment, they have a book of styles but all seem to come out looking the same!! They do a 'barrel curl' style which my sister had done and it looked lovely - I had my hair down with a flower hair accessory sweeping my hair off my face on one side.

    The weather is very hot so make sure your guests wear lightweight clothing. My husband, best man, ushers etc did wear the formal attire without jackets and did sweat alot. I took two shirts for the men so they could change for dinner later on if they wanted (which they didn't so waste of money for me!). I had a big dress which I was hot in but not to the point of fainting - plus there was a nice breeze on the day that I got married and I got married later on in the day rather than bang smack in the middle of the day. Most of the men wore linen trousers and linen shirts and the women wore flimsy dresses.

    The reception is held in one of the 3 speciality restaurants, I chose the Tropical (international) which our friends had aswell which was lovely. They don't decorate the tables as such, they do take the flowers from the 'Wedding Gazebo' and put them on your top table or whatever layout you decide to have. I didn't do table decorations as couldn't have fitted them in with my luggage allowance! I made a 'goodie bag' for the ladies which had fans (went down well with the heat), tissues, confetti, body spray, and a few other things in which I gave to them before the ceremony. I then gave the men theirs at the reception meal (miniatures bought at the duty free/lottery ticket).

    After the wedding ceremony we walked down to the beach to have more photos taken and then my husband and I went on a horse and cart to the next complex where we went on a helicopter ride over the island - brilliant (additional cost)! We then came back and had our reception meal and then finished off at the main entertainment area.

    I can go on and on but it depresses me as I wish I was there now!! I have the e-mail address somewhere for the wedding co-ordinators Santo/Guillermo which you can have and I have plenty of photos, so if you want to post your e-mail address I will send you some.

    Dudelet x
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    hi, ive been there on holiday and its brilliant!! if i wasnt getting married here it would be there!!

    In fact my friend from work is actally getting married right now as i write this! in that actual hotel! i worked it out and the wedding would have begun at 8.30 pm (our time!)

    Will let know know what she says when she gets back!! Loved watching the weddings there though i cried at all of them!!
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    i'm getting married here in feb 2009 but am worried now after reading new reviews image
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    The Iberostar is on my list of potentials. OMG I think I'm going mad! I've only been planning this for the last 2 days. Wedding is gonna be early Nov this year. My fiance is out in Afghanistan at the moment and the other nite he said I think you should bring the wedding forward to November! It turns out we're posting to Germany in December so we have to bring the wedding forward. So here I am, flapping like a headless chicken!

    If anybody has any further advice on the Iberostar that would be great. Also any hints or tips regarding the shed load of paperwork that has to be done to get married in the Dom Rep.


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    keofloss,find out what paerwork is needed from your travel agent,loads of differnet stories going around about what you need!!!

    jazzywoo,dont listen to half the people on tripadvisor,no offence but half of the people complaining are canadian/american and they set there standards double high so are more likely to complain!

    the dom rep is brilliant,i am getting married at a differnet resort but we went there last year and cant wait to go back to get married in 13 days time,

    any more info feel free to contact me,i will post reviews to people by email as dont want trolls bein nasty if i post pics on the forum

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    Hi there, my H2B is originally from the Dominican Republic. We've been to a number of weddings at various hotels across the island, all which have been wonderful days for everyone involved. So fear not. It's a beautiful island, the weather is wonderful. I'd recommend getting married from 4pm onwards though to keep away from the blazing midday heat.

    We're having our own wedding there next February. I find all the staff at the hotels who are involved in the wedding to be extremely helpful and cosiderate towards your needs for the day. Just ask if there's anything different or unusual you'd like to add to the day.

    With regards to paperwork, have a look at the dominican embassy website for London. Click on the marriage tab and it lists everything you need to do. They're very helpful if you e-mail any questions you might have about paperwork too.


    Good luck!
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