nigerian wedding favour ideas?

i'm getting married in 6 months and am stuck for ideas for guest gifts.

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  • I thought about pashminas for the ladies. Something in one of your colours, you can buy in bulk (about £2 each) and have a little label (the way a normal label would be on) sewn on with your names and the date of the wedding. If you go to places like Finsbury Park, they will do a great deal for bulk buying. I know bulk bought pashminas will not be of the best quality, but I have some I bought on markets that I use as scarves and have had for years. What do you think uche?
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    thanx hun!!! wicked idea. could get the labels ordered from the people who do bulk labels for kids' school uniforms. will try fonthill road or whitechapel market or lipverppol street.

    also, where r u getting your jewellery from?? i have been to a few indian shops cos my dress is Gold but their stuff looks a bit OTT!!! on the otherhand, i don't want a dainty thin necklace cos my dress is a bit woah- benjamin roberts 930. also, i wasnt a crystal fascinator instead of a tiara and dunno wher e to start?? image

    what about the men though?!! lol.
  • Remember I said I looovvveeee your dress, it is on my list to try on! As for jewellery, mum and I am probably going to Dubai, we have relatives in the jewellery business there, and mum wants to give it as a gift to me.

    I think with that dress you would look faboulous with some gorgeous earrings instead....But you are right to try the indina shops, the best bet.

    As for the idea! I'm still working on that one!
  • Actually Uche, I think my mum has a lady who she buys jewellery from. She gets it from abroad and sells here. I will try to get her number when I see my mum.
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    Hey Uchewally,

    I came across who do customised jewellery (I think other accessories too) with Swarovski crystals. You'd have to go to the store from what I can see - they're new, but might be worth a look.
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    Also I know pens are quite a common favour at Nigerian weddings, but I like the idea of getting pens with a ghanian, a nigerian and an english flag design on them (all the countries represented between the two of us).

    I'd put something like 'h2b and me' (obviously our names instead on the actual pens!) and 'Happily Married 04.10.08.' on it - keeping it simple.

    I may not do it, put I reckon the flag idea might make them a nice gift.

    I wonder which flag design would run out first... image
  • Hi Ladies,

    Mind if i jump in? I'm a Naija bride and i'm sooo glad i stumbled across this site! I've been trying to plan my wedding for the past few months and its so hard to organise a classy naija-flavoured do without either breaking the bank or it becoming too raz. I'm having 300 guests which is near impossible coz my guestlist is already at 450 (with all of mumsie's friends). So i can't afford to spend too much on favours and anything that has to be multiplied by 300! :\?

    For favour ideas i'm thinking of giving out silver letter openers. They aren't too expensive, especially if you can get them from the States and it works for both the guys and ladies. Also thinking about little hand towels with our initials embroidered in one of our colours.
  • Hey AyoG, I'm feeling you about the guest list! Ours could go on forever! Luckily we have come to a compromise to invite those extended family friends to the trad the week before. Most people, unless close to us, won't want to take up two saturdays for my wedding anyway so that works! Really like the idea of letter openers...just be careful if you have kids around that they don't start playing with them! When is your wedding/where/themes etc? Mine is next April, in Essex. Can't wait!
  • Hey Mina,

    My wedding is on the 20th of september and i have bout 200 days to go!!! We're getting married in Edgware and then are having the reception at the Cavendish Banqueting Suite. It's miles away from where i live but i couldn't find any suitable venues in south london. I am still trying to find a decent hall in south for the trad wedding.

    My colours? well, that has been a struggle. i seem to change my mind constantly :0) My fav colour is lavender and H2B's is blue. Coz both colours are pastel, they don't work together and i'm having to seperate them. I've decided to have the church decorated in cream and lavender/lilac with my bridesmaids in ivory dresses with a lilac sash. The hall will be either blue and chocolate or blue and white. i'm still trying to decide which would look better. I've found these gorgeous blue wine glasses i can hire which will just tie everything together. Our aso-oke is light and dark purple with silver and for the engagement, we will be wearing blue and gold. I've decided to make the invitations myself to save some much needed funds and also i think it'll be an interesting challenge. these will either be blue and ivory or blue and chocolate.

    With my guest list, i'm lucky that my venue can accommodate 400 if i absolutely have to reach that number, so worst case scenario, i can up the numbers if its impossible to eliminate people.

    I'm thinking of having seperate party bags for the children as we will only be having about 20 kids under 16yrs, so i might just have 2 'kiddie tables'.

    You are lucky! you still have a whole year to plan everything. I've been planning since August and even tho i'm quite organised, suddenly my days are merging into weeks and i keep feeling i'm gonna blink and it'll be here. :0) I can't even get any work done at the mo, just still at my desk, searching our suppliers and bargains
  • Hi AyoG,

    I was just wondering how much it is to book the Cavendish Banqueting Suite for your wedding reception and if they let you bring your own caterers. Most of the hotels and resturants, i have looked at, seem to insist on using their own.

    I still have a year to go, but ideally i'd like to get everything sorted before the end of this year. Thanks

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    sorry to butt in but i saw your question to Ayo G and i thought i'd reply cos i HATED the fact that most hotels and venues wouldn't let me bring my own caterers so i searched high and low and complied this list.....
  • hi SBHSALON,

    The Cavendish cost us £4700 (inc VAT) and we are able to bring our own caterers in. We can also provide all our non-alcoholic drinks but there is a limit to 2 bottles of wine per table. This is coz they have a bar onsite to cover any alcoholic drinks. I don't mind coz it works out cheaper for me. I must admit it was hard to find somewhere nice with self catering, but uchewally1985's list is pretty good. I will advise you to check 'em out early as my 1st choice venue was booked 18months in advance!
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    trynn to post a pic of my favour bags image

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  • Other venues that will allow naij food or external catering are: Marriot swiss cottage, allum hall in borehamwood, hilton waldorf, cavendish banqueting, royal horticultural hall, kew gardens in the marquee, hilton kensington.

    Anyone found cheapish favours that dont look to razz and are not too expensive for ~300 guests?
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    May I chime in. I've just found this site so 'hellooo'. My days also 20th Sept and ive just been informed its 205 days!!! Doing trad in naija and church/reception here, dulwich college. Wow my favours look so budget compared to you guys. Back to drawing board for me...
  • Hi Ember, Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your wedding to come. I'm sure your favours will be great. My h2b went to dulwich college...if we were doing it all south of the river, we would have used it too. Its a lovely venue full of history, congrats.
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    aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh trying to attach images of my favour boxes but it won't work image(

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    anyway.........OHHHHHHHHH MMYYYY GOD, IT WORKS!!!! anyways girlies, this is what my petals for the tables, napkins and favour boxes look like. as well as my chiar covers, and gift bags

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  • Oh Uche! I feel for you! I'm a complete techno phobe!
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    these are the gift bags which will be at each seat with personalised notebooks and pens inside them!!! will post up pics of the notebooks once they are done
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    our chair covers
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    the bridesmaid's fascinators
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    my wedding shoes!!!!
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    my bouquet and our place cards

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    can u guys see anything??? just thought i'd share things from my wedding with you all.
  • No hun, pictures are coming up as a cross
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