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All So New !

Hi wanted to introduce myself.....this is all so new at the moment - and we are finding it difficult to decide what to do....we are getting married 2009 - but we still cant decide whether to get married in the UK or whether we should go for the carribean somewhere - my parents don't think we should get married in JA because when my sister got married all the family came down (lots and lots) and ate and then ran !! No one was around for the dancing bit.......!!

They are pressuring us to have it here.........however, it is soo expensive isnt it? we used to think when people talked about £10 and 15K that they were being excessive - but we are quickly realising that this is not the case !!

We think we have found a church and a basic hall - we would have to decorate it - anyone have ideas about hiring linnen/plates/cuttlery (as we may have to do this - but not sure). Also, any ideas re chair covers - all reasonable prices especially....


  • Hi Loularoo,

    If you don't feel it best to get married in Jamaica, how about another caribbean island... Barbados and St Lucia are lovely. Or maybe something a bit different like Cuba or Dom Republic?

    Don't feel you have to get married here just to please people. When we thought about getting married in the UK our budget wasnt near 10 -15k at all, but getting married abroad has made it alot more reasonable, but still the wedding we want.

    Where in the UK is the church and hall based, to help people answering your hiring cost?

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    Just got your email...

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    Hope that helps hun xx
  • Oh Thanks - think I have finally got this - ahhg !

    Anyway, I also managed to put a pic in as well. Really like this site. Do you know how the ranking works? where are you getting married?
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    Oh well done loularoo, my instructions werent great, but glad they made sense to you image

    Love your picture... ordered my wedding day jewellery 2days ago, can't wait for my lil blue boxes to come... no post today image

    Not 100% sure about the amount of post you need to change ranks... but basically the more you post (either questions or replies) the further up the ranks you go...

    Everyone starts with...




    Then finally....


    May have missed a rank, but thats all i can think of... Im sure you will get up the ranks in no time, this site can get very addictive!

    Im getting married at Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. Any closer decided where you having yours?

  • Hi Tinkerbell - I am not bothered about going up the ranks - just wondered how it worked - but I know it is addicitive isnt it?

    No still not decided - we are thinking of Antiga - and I like the sound of Blue Waters - but it is incredibly expensive hotel......but I really have my mind on it. Although H2B is not so sure due to the price. But we both really like Antigua. Every day we meet someone else who says something else. I must check the web re Rose Hall (it is somewhere I have heard about growing up ! but we wont be getting married in JA as I mentioned before).

    How many are going out with you? and do you have to all stay nearby so that you keep them in touch with planning and that sort of thing? Also do you have to bring loads of stuff over with you?
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    We have 38people coming with us to Jamaica....lots of children, so its great that its family resort.

    All our wedding planning goes through our Rose Hall wedding planner via email, post, fax or telephone. I have found really easy to keep in contact with her from the UK.

    We are bringing;

    *Bridesmaids & Flowergirl flowers

    *Table Centrepieces and decoration for evening reception

    *Wedding Favours

    We have plenty of luggage allowance with Virgin Atlantic so its not a problem... plus it gives us some decisions and planning into the wedding abroad.

    Just had a look at Blue Waters, it looks lovely!!! How many guest have you got coming?

  • Hi Tinkerbell - You know what - sorry for the delay - I really don't know what to say - I dont think much people will come with us - but we havnt had the nerve to ask yet !! so don't know ! But 38 sounds great - not too much not too little.

    Rose Hall also seems lovely - its great that you can contact the wedding organiser so easily - that helps eh?

    Am hoping that me and h2b can talk a bit about the wedding over the easter period. Happy Easter !
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