Wedding Dress. Please Help!!!

Can anyone advice please? I will like to buy from house of brides but i couldn't find any of the

measurements that fits me exactly. My seamstress said to order one that is bigger than me especially my

waist and hips but that means it will be bigger than me anyway. So it looks like i'll be ordering a size 16

even though i'm normally a size 12. Is my seamstress right?:\?

Thank you for your help


  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    Yes she's right, I bought my dress from a store and I'm normally a 12/14 and also had to order a 16, this is because it's easier to take a dress in.
  • icg308icg308 Posts: 199
    Me too - I bought mine from a Bridal stockist who measured me and matched me to size chart of the designer.

    I am normally anything from 14 -18 depending on the item of clothing and the shop. I have had to order a UK 22 for my dress. The sizes are v small and based on models from many years ago when body shapes were quite different to now!! At first I was a little gutted, but realised that it didn't matter and most people have wear a wedding dress in a bigger size.

    I am looking forward to having something to fit me perfectly for a change, irrespective of a number on a label (which I can cut out anyway!!!);\)
  • AndipinkAndipink Posts: 657
    I agree wholeheartedly. I bought my bms' dresses from house of brides and I measured them and then went with the largest measurement. Sho nuff it was the right thing to do as they fit at their largest point, be it their bust, waist or hips.

    (Sho nuff? I always wanted to say that!!)
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    It is far easier to make a dress smaller instead of bigger, you are a uk 12 so dont worry about what the tag says.x
  • Hi there,

    well the lay who measured me for my dress ( Abi - Amanda Wyatt) said you need to go about one size bigger. And I have found that this is the case. I have bought three dresses - ! and noe hav etwo to sell would you be interested? !

  • Thanks everyone. I was getting nervous as i want to order mid of next month. Now i feel i know what i'm doing and the dress i want. Showed my mum two dresses and she picked the same one i did.

    To bridediva7: did you say you bought three wedding dresses???
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