Make Up Counters Ideas...

Here is the type of make-up i want... Hopefully the pictures work!!!

Getting married abroad so nothing too heavy that will 'melt'... Don't want to look too old and made up

Any ideas on which counters would be best for these looks?

Was thinking about Becca or Benefit....



  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    I would check out Mac, defo bobbi brown if you love the look above, their stuff is quite light. I love the photos. Both look perfect for a wedding, the eyeshadow looks perfect on both.x
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Is kellys hair a lace front?x
  • Hi Girls! How's the planning going?

    Ditto what Sidewalk said Tink, I'm checking out Mac tomorrow. loving the Kelly Rowland look...

  • I'd guess it is a lace front or else she's come a long way from being the one with the short hair from DC!

    Can't knock her though she looks great!
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    Hey ladies! I had my makeup trial yesterday with my friend (she's a beautician) and she has me on a mission to learn how to apply my make up in 1 month! I found a selection of eye shadows from a company called smashbox and they suited me perfectly. try . I am using maybeline mousse foundation and a MAC blusher and mascara. I have a nivea lip gloss that has a tint of colour which I will use as well. I'm done!
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    Sidewalk you gone lacefront crazy from that BHCM forum image i havent had a look on there recently, but trying to stretch my relaxer... but can't take it any longer so made my appointment on Friday. I left it for 9 weeks... good going ah!!

    I use Bobbi Brown and Mac now, (along with Chanel blusher) so i wanted something different for the wedding, but guess as they both work for me, i should maybe stay with those brands...

    Gabriella Union's make up always looks lovely

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    Wow hi barriesgirl and cyprusbride... loooong time no see...

    How is everyones plans coming along?

    Sidewalk... whats your new plans, and lets a have look at your dress x

  • Everything is going smoothly finalising menus and the running order of entertainment.

    All the men are dressed just trying to find a dress to change into for the evening, Rings should be ready next week

    how's your plans coming?

    Tink how are you posting pictures I'm struggling!

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    Hey girl glad you hear you booked in for the relaxer there's only so long can go without some chemicals lol!

    oooh, ooh love that second piccie of gabrielle union.

    I am sooooo excited next month I'll be leaving the snow behind and off to Cyprus for my wedding! Most things are done now just finishing off really.. what about you guys how have you been doing? xx
  • I'm no good at this pictures thing

    I give up...

    cyprus bride I can't believe you've got a month left you must be so excited

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    Hey BG, have a look at this link and try and do one...

    Thought we had the guys suits sorted... then we was in Birmingham yesterday and he saw something else... what a headache!! lol... brought a white linen suit, i must say he did look lovely. Throw the best man and usher into their hired outfits, lol.. and hopefully that will be the end of that!

    Rings will be done tomorrow, planned to do it on Saturday, but spent far too much time in Birmingham.

    Found my evening dress... well h2b did! Its a lovely yellow and black 50's cocktail dress from Karen Millen, looked amazing on. There is no way im walking around in that massive dress in the evening meal, doubt i'll be able to sit down in it longer than 10mins.

    We have sorted all the Jamaica wedding planning stuff out.. and have the contract sorted!! Sounds amazing... exactly 5months today that we fly out image

    What entertainment are you having?

    CB2b... lol... i need a relaxer so badly!! Got the whole week off work, so thinking of even driving down to London before Friday, as its getting unmanageable for me.

    Only 1month left... Have you got much left to do?

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    I gave up to trying to post a picture! I wanted to show you my makeup from yesterday image

    Nevermind! It looked fab anyway!

    I am way past excited I tell you! John is going to ban me from wedding talk soon because I went to bed with butterflies last night he said he can't stand me being this hyper for a whole month!!! I don't know what he's talking about!!!

    How long till your wedding it can't be long either?? Which part of B'dos are you going to again?? It's going to be beautiful... x
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    Oh CypB2b... have a look at the link i posted above and show us!! Its easy when you know how, although i still make mistakes!!

  • Angela bassett's make up looks great


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    image Well Done Barry's Girl!!

    Lovely pic.... she looks stunning.

    Just up to you now CyrB2b ;\)

  • She's so sassy !!!

    Thanks Tink, your a star!

    I was eyeing up a coast dress but thought the duchess satin would be too heavy

    As entertainment we're having a six man steel band, DJ and

    a fire eater trying to find a caricaturist/cartoonist but its not essential

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    Oh which Coast dress....?!!!!

    I tried one on yesterday, but the sizes are quite big there, and they didnt have anything smaller... I nicked it from another b2b's bridesmaid dress image

    I don't mind not looking 'bridal' i just wanted to relax and enjoy myself in a nice dress, that i could actually dance in!!! Can't do anything in the massive dress i have now, but want it for the ceremony

    Your entertainment sounds excellent!! How many guest have you got? We have saxophonist for ceremony, steel band for cocktail reception and DJ for reception..

  • Love the dress

    The one I was eyeing up is called adelphi

    I would love it in a different colour I fancied blood red, with my hair down ready to party.

    Saxophanist sounds lovely, we have invited approx 80 people but realistically i'm expecting 40ish I always knew it would be small part of the attraction of going away I suppose. You?

    Gaby union rules

    You can see i've just learnt this i'm getting carried away!
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    Wow, lovely dress!!

    Are you doing your make up yourself?

    Thinking of getting all the make up in May, gives me a few months to practice.

    Don't mind having my hair done out there, but i think i should just do my make up myself... don't want to risk it!! lol...

    How about wedding hair styles?
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    Posted my hairstyle on another topic... but love it so i'll post it again here!! image

  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518

    This is my make up from yesterday - I hope this works xx
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    It worked!!!! But you can't see it very tho' doh!! x
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Aahhhh..... Well done it worked!

    I've only recently worked out how to post pics, so I don't know how to make it any bigger. Did she use all Smashbox products? Are you doing your makeup yourself, or is she coming out with you?


    Anyone heard on Mineral foundation??? it's meant to be best for hot climates and/or oily skin..
  • I've got someone doing makeup but I want to know how to get the look with products I know just incase. Still undecided about hair i'm wearing a feather fascinator so I'll have to mess about with some looks, thank goodness for GHD's x
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    Showed h2b the make-up pictures, to see what he thought....

    He says it doesnt look like they have any make-up on! Arghhh.... i don't want to go plastered in the stuff. i rarely wear make-up other than bobbi brown concealer, brusher and lip gloss...

    Im confused now!! Don;t know why i bothered showing him!

    BG.... GHD's are lifesavers!!
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    I'm doing the make-up myself which is why i have to get it right!! I got the same response from John when I tried to ask his opinion, he was like.. 'if you want a natural look then why are you wearing make up then???' I didn't really have an answer to that one, because when you think of it.... oh let's not go there! I love the hair style you want tinkerbell that looks really elegant. BG it's always good to have a back up plan! I have seen a few mineral make up's around there's bare essentials, prescriptives and one on tv but the name escapes me.... The smashbox product is just for my eyes, the rest of their stuff was NOT suited to black skin I nearly has heart failure when she tested stuff on my hand!! xx
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    lol, so what are you having for the rest of your face?

    I don't understand what he wants... heavier eye make-up, stronger lipstick.... i don't know.

    Although i want to look comfortable in what makeup im using, i want him to see me walking down the aisle and go 'Wow!' not thinking 'God, she looks like she did this morning!' image

    Im clueless.... i'll ask the make up artist, and see what she can suggest! Men! Bloody Men!!
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Wow, the pics are lovely! I like Gabs make up too! We have all done so much!! I am having a make up artist, but still want to do my own make up on honeymoon.

    I cant believe you have not had the relaxer, that is really good, to have done that, it will be worth it.

    I am going to try a lace front, but do the weaves first to
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Cypus your make up is lovely, I can tell why you are so happy with it!x
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