Anyone getting married in Grenada

Now we are thinking of Grenada.

Thinking of Grenadian by Rex resorts. Anyone got married there already or no or brides who have? any reports? I would love to hear any info out there re weddings at this resort - or any other good hotels in Grenada where wedding worked particularly well?

Anyone got name or details of wedding coordinator at the Rex resort? I have been checking trip adviser and the reports are really good !


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    Hi, I'm of Grenadian parentage, planning to marry at The Rex in June 09.

    I have been liaising with The Rex and will be going to see the Manager in June. The name of the wedding coordinator is Wistell Bowen and you can contact her at [email protected] Be warned, they work on Caribbean time, slow! So don't expect an instant reply unless your wedding is quite soon and you mention this is your email so that she responds quickly. The Manager is Mr Ken Flockhart, seems quite nice so I'd try him first at [email protected] They have a London based administration office who deals with reservations but I sure once you have discussed your needs with The Rex, they will most likely pass you onto them depending on your accommodation needs for your guests.

    When are you thinking of getting married? Will it be via a Travel Agent, or are you DIY with the assistance of the hotel wedding planner, and do you have a small or large guest list.

    You can email me at [email protected] I'll have more info when I return from my hols.


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  • Thanks a lot OneLove (have sent you an email to your hotmail account )

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    Thanks a lot OneLove (have sent you an email to your hotmail account )

    You have mail!!!
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    we are getting married at the Rex in Grenada on 22 July 2008 - 67 days away!!! I have to contacted the hotel and spoke to Winstel who is really nice and also the admin office in London who have been good to. If you look at trip advisor for the hotel all the reports are excellent and comments about staff and the manager are very good too.

    Keep in touch via email if you like and I will let you know how it goes

    [email protected]

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    Hi Marcia and Tinkerbride

    I would love to hear how your weddings go!!

    I have finally booked. Through Virgin just this week actually. So am started to get excited now. It is difficult to know how the flowers turn out etc., but I have spoken to a girl in the London office who is really helpful actually. She is happy to pass info on to Wistell apparently. Her name is Helen - don't know if you have come across her yet - but she is really helpful.

    Love to see pictures and get any other infomation. Tinkerbride - what have you chosen for your reception food? and how is the costing? If I am not mistaken - the prices I have seen are similar to here - which don't sound great - so am wondering if I am working something out wrong? what are you guys opting for? h2b and I were wonderin if we might opt for a BBQ option to keep the costs down. Everyone we have mentioned it to so far - appear to be saying that the will be coming!!

    You guys must be getting excited now ! where do you think you will choose to get married within the grounds?image
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    Tinkerbride - that menu sounds gorgeous !! Me and H2B read that just before dinner and our mouths were watering !! That menu isnt any of the sample ones I have seen - would you mind emailing me the choices Wistel sent you? (even though I have got a long while to go - I would love to see those menus !! But the £15 pp sounds a lot better than what I had been looking at. So far there appears to be at least 30 people - but we havnt sent out save the date or invites or anything yet - so I think there might be a lot more.

    What are you doing about drinks for guests?

    The beach wedding sounds lovely. Your a lot nearer than me - you mus be really excited now. What else have you got left to do? (I am just starting)
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    Hi Tinkerbride

    Watching the cricket - now that is too much for me !! lol !!

    I can hear your excitement !

    Well, my email is [email protected] Would love to get the menus. Thanks so much.

    It was interesting you saying about just sending out the invites - I was just speaking to my h2b today about this. I was thinking of sending out save the dates - but h2b thinks it waste of time. And we just agreed earlier that we wouldnt bother - just tell people by word of mouth/email and text now - and send the invites out early enough i.e. 8 months before or so. Actually, now that I have seen your mail - I may just send the invites out next month or so.

    I don't think most of our guests will be all inclusive (although we will be) therefore, I guess we will have to pay for drinks. I will email Wistell re this in due course. Maybe we will just pay for one big rum punch, one big fruit punch, some carib beers and some juice or something - and then leave it at that? we shall have to see.

    Your right, there shouldnt be too much to do with a destination wedding. I have got my dress - just need to sort some fittings out at the beginning of next year. I want to get some table decor - but I have loads of time for that. He has to get his suit. We have both paid down on rings - so just have to finish paying off for those. I have to actually get the invites - may try Dunelm Mill (saw this on a previous post) or Clintons, or M&S or maybe even make them. Someone originally offered to do these for us - but now they are saying it will cost around £40 - and it might be just as well to do it ourselves.
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    Thanks for the menus Tinkerbride - I did get them - did you get my mail ? they look good. How are you getting on with your plans?

    Hey Jen35 - you havnt got long now - how you getting on? You must be really excited now.

    Yes I look at trip adviser a lot to see how the reviews are going
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