nigerian drummers, anyone? also live band?

hi just joined and so many of the posts have made me smile - you guys have been really inspiring and helpful. i havent found anything yet on this topic so i was wondering if anyone knew and could recommend a good live band to cater for the parents and drummers as well? i'm getting married BGG in oct in the UK...trying not to get stressed cos studying as well and have been on wayyy too many long dstance calls with fam back home...anyways enough complaining - any tips?


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    didn't say what nationality u are hun but try

    They dance and drum. As for live bands, i dunno what ur after. i can only point you towards nigerian live ones.

    Good luck with the studies.
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    My parents used a really really goodone for a party we had a few years ago. They do lots of the parties for the nigerian doctor's crowd, so your parents will definately love them! I will ask my dad for their number when I see him tomorrow.

    Uche - why were you up so late addict!
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    I am using them for african drummers and a dancer.
  • hi thanks for the info - sorry i should have made it obvious - i'm naija born and bred and so is basically everyone involved in planning this wedding - hence the dilemma about my hair in the previous post ;\) and the desire to give the parents and grandparents some 'owambe' flavour!!! will follow up with the suggestions given - any more will always be welcome - plus i live in northamptonshire which makes things just a tad complicated...
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    amina- Hun, i'd slpet all day and had woken at 10pm-I SWEAR!!! i'd just booked adanta literally the day before and saw knappy's question so i replied............need to get off this site though...
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    LOL!!! The first step is to admit you have a problem....
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    *standing up in a circle* 'hello, my name is uche and i am a yayw addict'
  • Hi, i'm nigerian based in northamptonshire too and getting married in december. E-mail me at [email protected] and will give you some vendors
  • virtuouslady - you've got mail! so glad to hear from you!!
  • There's soji alayo in northampton. I've seen him play few times (english, yoruba and few other languages i don't know) I will try to get his number for you.
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