Nigerian, Ghanian and Christian music

Hiya ladies,

I need help please - any ideas where I can search for a DJ who covers all these kinds of music?



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  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    hey hun,

    we are using 07903680555

    Email: [email protected]

    He covers all of them and is well known and easy going

  • nuttyenuttye Posts: 111
    Uche to the rescue again - thanks a lot. How come you've changed your user name?
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    cos i googled my name and found 'myself' on these forums with my other username. it made me feel uneasy!! Also found our wedding website on google so i've now placed a password on it.
  • nuttyenuttye Posts: 111
    You know I want to change my website name/user ID, but I don't seem to have that option in the 'my profile' section - how did you do it?
    Im just putting my wedding website together and i was wondering if othe people have started making any. I'd like some inspiration lol uchewally do you mind me asking what your website url is?
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    hi sbhsalon,

    give me your email addresses and i'll mail the url to you

    good luckxxxx
    my email address is [email protected]

    Thanks Uchewally for your help, with the venue list you posted. Ive finally booked a venue
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    awwww bless!! which one are u using?? and for how much?? i am soooo excited!! do tell. I'll mail u my wedding

    website link but u can find it under the letter 'u' on this site.

    I don't wanna list it here because it just makes it a 'stronger' result on google and my H2b isn't happy that randoms (especially his bosses) can see it!! I still dunno how it ended up on a nigerian wedding website list.
  • definitely try Dj Deoba Authentic 07932 961 658
  • nuttyenuttye Posts: 111
    Thanks ReneeBride2b, our DJ is sorted now thank God
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