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order of services from where??

b]hi girlies,

my wedding is in 84 days and we are in the middle of finalising the order of service/order of reception with the church and day coordinator. I have made a mock up one on Microsoft Publisher and have sent it to my coordinator. Printed it out on some ivory A4 parchment paper i bought and it looks cute.

Just wanted to find out where i can go to get them mass produced professionally for my 300 guests with maybe only the front page in colour. The place i got my invitations doesn't offer such a service. I am open to any ideas especially regarding how you'll be doing yours if it's more cost effective.

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  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    oh yeh, do you recommend that i just print them at home seeing as the first one came out good? i don't mind doing 100 but i dunno bout 300!!

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  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    I made a fab discovery last week Uche. My university print/media service department print wedding stuff and seriously cheaper than wedding printing places. For something as straight forward as what you want, try your own uni's media/print services. Wouldn't recommend doing 300 on your home printer...
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    Thanx hun! i had thought of going to them for the reception seating plan because we print A2/A0 posters for our presentations for near enough £1 per page.

    will speak to them after my exams

    thought my home printer could take it because it's a laser one and does an impressive job. Guess that wouldn't have been!!!


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  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Minamina, does your uni do that for students only or the general public? If the latter pls pls can you post details of their contact details image x

    Ps Let us know how it goes today with favour
  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    Hey Ember,

    They do it for anyone I think. Check out

    Now I don't like their designs (just my opinion) but you can give them a design and they do it for you to. Call them and say what you are after and they will email you a quote.

    Sure I'll let you know about a hopefully good afternoon of food tasting! xx
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Thank you soooo much. Just had a quick look at that may just be the answer.

    Enjoy the afternoon...and the food x
  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    Hi Ember, food tasting was great. They had it all set up beautifully and had a few other suppliers there to. Food was lovely! But as for Nigerian food, they only had the basics, I really would need to try other things such as egusi, pepper soup etc. They are really friendly and the guy even rememebered my full name and wedding date when I came in! Let me know if my uni are helpful (both of you girls) xx
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    AMINA, you are a genius!!!

    I asked at my uni printing centre and asked if it would be possible to get the order of services printed. She said since it was a special occassion she could sort something and to come back nearer the time. I'm hoping she will do them for free, but willing to pay up to £50!!! Thank you so much for sharing the uni idea. I will still keep your uni link in case things dont work out.

    Glad the food tasting went well. Do you think you will use them and what are you thinking of having on the menu?
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    seems like a lot of us are studying in some form. I'm in my final year of medicine. What about you guys??
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Uche how do you do it???? Im a third year student pharmacist... when are you exams and how is revision going?
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    YAYY!! My brother is a pharmacist in Portsmouth!!!

    errr...let's not talk about exams!!!! so s**t scared. They are in 7 days. Have literally zoned out during lectures for most of this year-so ashamed!!! I'm intercalating in Psychology at the moment so i'm a psychology Bsc student officially. Will resume full on 5th year medicine this september - so in a way, I've been lucky. If i was planning a wedding whilst a true medic, there would have been no way i would have agreed to get married this summer. The wedding has been a huge distraction to say the least. I can recall how many chair covers we need at 2am in my sleep yet i find it hard to even retain anything i have read 2 mins ago image(

    To be fair, I've saved alot of time and energy by looking for (and ordering) things online. In the early days,i easily spent 6 hours in total online daily in my study breaks to get inspiration and to get a feel for the sort of wedding i wanted. everything from table number holders to petals to bridesmaid's fascinators have all arrived via post. Bar my dress, shoes and jewellery, i haven't done much physical running around and i prefer it that way. I have also asked alot of my friends and freinds of friends for their own vendors following a few weddings last summer ranging in budgets from £6,000-£50,000 so it's just been a case of using or eliminating the recommended vendors.I even contacted some brides via their wedding websites unashamedly to ask for their vendors..tut...tut

    Looking for cheaper quotes also takes up alot of my time. If i just went with the first price i was given in most cases, I would have planned this wedding ages ago. In as much as my fiance and my parents are more or less paying for everything, they've left me to source everything so it's my perogative to ensure i get the cheapest quote possible. I have a set quota that i said i'd contribute towards the wedding and i sometimes wish i was working like everyone else- i'm using my student loan frugally and supplementing with my part time medical secretary wages. I think things would be different if my bubby was a student- he's 35.

    i think the best part of marrying as astudent is that i feel more 'exposed' than other brides who work fulltime. I don't know how to verbalise my point but i sometimes notice that my other engaged friends who work just don't seem to have heard of some of the ideas i have because they are just too busy. It's hard to explain. I just feel more's hard to explain.

  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    I completely understand everything you are saying. I am very much the same. My hubby and family are paying and I do all the sourcing. I get all my ideas and inspiration from you guys. My friends laugh when they hear how long i've been planning for but the kind of wedding they would have is very different to the kind I would. Also, like you said about feeling more exposed, having this time has allowed me to really find the best possible quotes and cheapest prices. Im not prepared to go to the first person who gives me a quote.

    Best of luck with the exams. I'm sure they will go well x
  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    Hey girls. Ember glad to help (for once I have something to share!). Because I haven't booked most things yet, still searching around for ides and the 'feel' I want, I don't have much advice yet!

    Well I am a student too, although in the last stages...the last 6 months of writing my PhD thesis!! Hence no no to a wedding this year! It's hard doing both and also feeling the money guilt as my parents are footing the majority of the large bill. But us studying is for for our h2bs and future familys too so we are also helping. I do need to limit the amount of time I spend doing this wedding stuff though, I have a lot of work to do (my thesis is 80,000 words of literature, critical discussion, and statistical analyses).

    Ember, yeah I liked the company, Favour, but it was quite basic naija food, cause they had other jamaican foods too. As for the menu, I'll leave my mum to decide that! I have a meeting with Victoria from Favour (she is the nicest woman) at my parents house with my mum where we will go through everything.

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  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    good point amina!! Good on you. glad to see a whole bunch of smart black ladies on the forum- gwan!!

    As for victoria, she's really sweet. We have decided to use obalende suya express for my traditional wedding. They can feed 100 people for £400; jelloff, fried rice, stewed fish, stewed beef, moin moin and plantain i think. not bad. Still trying to scure some1 for my white wedding alongside my oreintal guy

  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    That is a good price Uche!! As nice as Victoria is, I am keeping my options open! So I'll check them out! xx
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    lol!!! definitely. still don't know how u r doing this 1 year before the wedding. i agree tha it's not tooo early but at the same time, I have been so saturated with quotes and vendors in the last 6 months that i seriously am glad to be getting wed soon. any longer and i'd be oing mental. Just too much choice around and it's all sooo overwhelming
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Uche, which well known caterer wouldnt return your calls? Mail me pls...
  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    Me too!!
    lol at this discussion., I am also a student and in my first year of MSc Social Work, although uni's finished i'm on placement and have my law exam 4 days after my wedding! I've taken these next 3 weeks off, so i can have 1 week to finalise wedding stuff and then the last 2 weeks to revise.

    Uche, that is a good price from Obalende.
  • Wow, everyone is a student! Good on you ladies. I seriously rate that you are doing both. I was supposed to be going back for my masters in architecture this year but i've post-poned it till next year coz there was no way i could focus on both and enrollment week fell on the same week as my wedding! I i refuse to add extra tension to what will be an already stressful week.

    Uche that price from Obalende's sound very good. Might have to give them a call..

    N1sexything, I hope you've managed to resolve the family emergency. I guess an extra week or two won't hurt, especially if your suppliers are flexible. Everything i've booked is set in stone with serious penalties if i change date or cancel so i'm making sure i'm totally happy with what i book before i do
  • Eme91Eme91 Posts: 35
    It seems food thing is one of the biggest concerns -

    I'm trying to get hold of someone at Mama calabar - hmmmm. I work full time, paying for the wedding ourselves so its been a challenge organising and working but I still have 6 months to go - seemslke forever at times

    is anyone having performers at their church wedding eg choirs?
  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    We are getting married at a c of e church because we want the traditional english wedding feel of the organ and the bells, so we might use their choir for some parts like signing of the register so guests aren't bored, and the rest will be the organ (although whilst guests are waiting for me to arrive at the start I want to put an uplifting CD on).
    I am getting married in a Catholic, as im Catholic, so im having a Catholic Choir however my friends Nigerian Penticostal church also have an Amazing Choir, so Im having them too, mainly for entertaining the guest while we sign our certificate . LOL should be an interesting show.
  • Eme91, re: Mama Calabar, your best bet is to go to the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon (during their buffet) and ask to speak to the owner, Mrs Bageire. She's a really nice lady and i'm sure she can hook you up.

    My church is CofE and we're having the organ and bells. I'm not keen on choirs but I'm sure my mum and her friends will sing lots of naija praise songs when we go to sign the register. At first i was going to have a saxaphonist play during the service but he is now going to play during the drinks reception to entertain the guests while h2b and i are off taking our couple photos.

    I'm gonna have boyzIImen's 'i do' playing when we go to sign the register coz every single word in that song is so perfect for us. And then after that the singing and dancing
    Ladies, I was just wondering if i could get some ideas on how to put things on the order of service for the reception, so far I have

    18:00 Welcome By Master of Ceremony

    Introduction of Family

    High Table Guest presented

    I'm wondering when to incorporate things like cutting of the cake, first dance and so on.

    hello, anyone there? :lol

    Take a look at a detailed list of order of service form some of the other ladies.
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