2008 Wedding Websites in alphabetical order

Hey girlies,

after many posts from SBSHalon, here is a link of all the popular nigerian wedding wesites in alphabetical order including some 2008 weddings.


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  • minaminaukminaminauk Posts: 157
    no way!!! crazy!! Thanks for this hun
    Thanks for the list Uchewally, dont know how you get all these info, but im glad you do
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    lol!! it's called being addicted to google
  • oh this is fantatsic..I heard there was a list like this I am ggone go thru them all

    I also want to add my addition of Nigerian Wedding Websites that was send to me..

    Annette & Sanya wedding website www.annetteandsanya.co.uk

    Magbor & Olatoye Wedding Website

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