Okay the panic is now about to set in, I need serious Help!

I have only 18 days to go and there's a family emergency which might mean postponing the wedding so I am now going to take out wedding insurance, although the only thing major booked for is the Hall but the guy has been quite accommodating and i'm sure we would be able to change the date if need be.

But in case its still going ahead, my dresses are also finalised, i have my fitting tomorrow and then going to the tailor to sort out the top of my lace evening dress. H2b has picked out his suit.

I have no wedding cake! the lady that was suppose to do it has now informed me that she's unable to! I have contacted Mrs Oppong's baker but she lives in Thorten Heath and i don't know if i will have time to go there as i live in North. but i have decided I'm going to get 2/3 Costco cake to serve as EVERYONE i know loves costco cake.

My hall decoration will be coming with my uncle who's coming from NY the week before.

I have my shoe for the wedding dress but no shoe for the evening dress.

I feel like i'm forgetting so much, oh yes what song are people going to dance into the hall into as i've been trying to think of one and can't! it can't be a Yoruba song as H2b is Saro!



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    you may just need to see what can be done regarding the cake before doing a costco one- i mean who would deliver it? what about storage?? they melt easily you know!! What about even the waitrose/M&S cakes?? They deliver and usually only need about 2 weeks, find out first.

    you sound ok on every other front. Maybe you need to draw up a last minute action plan and tick it off as you go along so that you have a tangible record of what you're achieving. that way, you also forget less right?

    As for the song, if you're really stuck as the DJ for a few samples that he has use dat other yoruba wedding s that have worked. I liked what was played at my friend's wedding last summer and will simply ask him to whip that out- not too fussed. Or ask your friends/mum/mum's friends for ideas

    Good luck!!!
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    p.s. what does your family feel about the faily emergency?? would they like you to cancel the wedding or do they want you to go ahead?
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    For a cake try cakes by jackie (she has a website) she is very accomodating and really reasonable. I am sorry you are having this stress. I'll pray for you. How do you feel about cancelling outside the problems with bits and pieces?
    thanks ladies, I've decided its best to postpone it to end of May as if i go ahead with it on the 10th it might mean my brother not been around and it would just not be cool not to have him there!

    His family are very understanding so we're probably still going ahead and having the registry ceremony on the 10th and then have the Nikkai and reception on 24th / 31st May depending on the availability of the venue.

    my cousin's given me a couple of contacts around north for the cakes so i'm going to give them a call and also try and see if i can make it to Jackie's this week. Do you know her website?
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    Here it is


    She an make replicas of designs you like to

    Good luck
    thanks, I'll give her a call. I need to find the post Ayo put for where she's getting her cake from.
  • I'm getting my cakes from http://www.apieceofcakethame.co.uk. They are un-iced but that's fine for me as i'm just going to cut them up and serve in little cake-bags. I still haven't decided where or what i'm going to do with my 3 tiered iced cake...seem to change my mind every few days. don't really want to spend more than £200-250 on that cake
    Well its definately now going to be the 31st and I feel more relaxed now as I can spend the next 2 weeks concentrating on my exam and then have a couple more weeks to sort the final things out for the wedding.

    How big should the bottom tier of the cake be? and the other tiers also
  • I'm having a 8", 10" and 14" cake. I think the largest they do is 16". A lot of companies offer a 6", 10", 12" cake
  • ps, N1, I picked up my dress from Baye yesterday and it's really nice. Its not exactly what i asked for but it's well sewn. Thanks for the link xx
    thanks Ayo, I have been meaning to let you knw Baye's really disappointed me as he's been so busy basically taking on any work that comes in without considering what workload he's having that he's really let me down with the ashobi that he's sewn for my friends and cousin. He's done them well but not exactly what they ask for. so I'll definately look out for another tailor or if you will use him then stay on his case!

    Re the cake, i found a lady that can do a 3 tier for £115 so I'm happy!
  • Oh i will definately keep on his case then. I'm gonna try and get the girls to start making their outfits in the next few weeks so that way, even we have to amend them, there is still time. I might still try out some other tailors as well.

    Where did you find the 3 tier cake for £115? I would love her details coz then that would save me doing the icing myself.
    my sis's friend works with her, she's based in Grays Essex and i sent her the pics of the cakes i like and that's the price she 's quoted me.send me your email and i'll send you her number.
  • Thanks, my email is [email protected] One of my mum's friends lives in Grays so i know its not too far away.
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