south african h2b

hi girls, iv neva been on this thread before but i was wondering if you could help me out with somethin

my h2b is originally from south africa and i would like to incorpeate it into the wedding some how but i dont have the first clue how to.



  • Hi, I am Zimbabwean and my h2b is from Nigeria, so we are having Nigerian food in the day and in the evening we are having a "braai" which is basically a bbq with loads of southern african dishes. I hope that helps.
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    are you incorparating any south african dishes...mostly people from southern african are into BBQs and good old oxtail...u got to have some you havin a large bridal party?am sure you can ask him wat he wants as well for the wedding rather than u struggling to find out its easier from the horses mouth

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    i am south african and am getting married there in March next year. Not having to much "africa" in the wedding but i am doing welcome packs in the bedrooms and i will be having animal print ribbon. The other suggestion i would have is to not have table numbers but animal foot prints instead.

    hope this helps
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    we are having a braai, other than that im pretty stumpt! i wanted to do something as a suprise for him. might try to throw some animal print in somewhere lol x
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    I south african living in chicago. plan on getting my south african bridesmaid to bring small crafts as wedding favors.
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    We are having billtong with the canapes!!

  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    pink angel thats a fab idea, he loves biltong!!! i dont fancy making it tho, any ideas where i could get it from??? x
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    My fella eats it by the bucket load!! We have a shop in Nottingham that sells it (pre packed only and v expensive)and his sister and BIL have a fantastic shop in Baldock Herts which is run by a Rhodesian guy that sells the best biltong and in huge amounts. I'm sure if you google it there will be shops in London etc.

  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    im in brum so ill have to get on the hunt for it. they sell it in asda but in tiny little packs for over a £ that last him all of 5 mins lol

    they have a fab shop in kent that sells it and loads of other s a suff but we only get down there a couple of times a year
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    look on line and see if there are any Blue Rock butchers near by - they make the best biltong ever!! Or try I have never been so I cant coment on their quality but at least it can be delivered to your door.

    We are having JC le Roux on all our tables, Our tables are named after the big five and we were going to have a zulu theme but I thougth H2Bs family would feel very left out if we made everything south africanish.
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    it would be great if i could get some delivered for him cause he really misses it
  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    Cooper7 we are naming our tables after animals aswell !!!
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    Hi i am zimbabwean and instead of having a rehearsal dinner we had a rehearsal braai, and also for our favours we had soapstone sculptures made.
  • That's a really good idea Mrs Katongera. Do you have the name of the company you used- if you don't mind me asking? For the carvings that is.
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    Hi mrs02b - because of the situation in zim we decided to go with a guy from a market as people are really struggling to make ends meet. However, try the following sites for shona sculpture houses -

    Do you know anyone in South Africa who could go to a market and place an order for you and then follow up to make sure it gets done? You might go for other African crafts, eg baskets or rugs or mats or similar.

    Good luck!
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    hi, mrskat when is your wedding?I am having mine in Aug in zim!!am excited gosh at least i have found some1 i can talk weddings with, we plan on having pashminas in diff colors of the flag for teh women not sure about the men as yet a nigerian friend is hooking me up with the pashminas from nigeria...we having 'zondoz' as well on the menu!!and u deffo cant go wrong wit boerwoers

    as for teh biltong try
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    Hey girls - I'm South African and my h2b is Trinidadian.

    Anyhoo, my canapes are very south african - peppedews stuffed with feta, frikkadella, mini koesisters and then obviously bilting and droe wors. There's more but I can't remember!!

    My snag is that I need South African song to walk down the aisle to - any suggestions???
  • NodNod Posts: 47
    depends what u like....sondela maybe...there is another 1 cant get the title but its lyrics go somethign like 'i/m looking for the perfect woman, gosh how can i 4get teh title will ask my sis she wod no but its a venircular song as well i am scratching my head now
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