Hiya are there any b2b's for nottingham out there would love to chat and compare prices, venues etcimage


  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    Hi anitaxx,

    I am in Notts, getting married to a south african guy in October...only 3 1/2 months to go eeeek.

    When and where are you getting married?

  • anitaxxanitaxx Posts: 975
    Getting married nxt summer havent set a firm date yet cause we are having our reception at the Trent Bridge cricket ground and they are unable to give us a list of dates until late nov this year. I have been tearing my hair out about it but i have my heart set on the venue as its so historical and i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it. Where are you getting married 3 1/2 mts to go are you all ready??
  • lilly-loulilly-lou Posts: 227
    Hi anitaxx,

    We're getting married July 2009 at Woodborough Hall in Nottingham. So, what planning have you done already? x

  • anitaxxanitaxx Posts: 975
    Hi lilly lou we have only got as far as the reception and the guest list not very organised yet but i will get there how about you?

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