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  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    ditto ayo!!!

    Have to type this quickly at work;

    Invites-i had to send 15 home yet they were so expensive. Now i have none even though i have 20 more guests image(

    Trad- went from being an intimate affair in our living room to now being a 200 guest party.

    Mumsie's Friends- I am soo with you on this hun!!! My mum oVERSOLD her asoebi so i had tp cross off 10 of my friends AND some of my girlfriends can't bring their boyfrends or fiance's cos mumsie took up all my guestlist with her friends. Because she made an effor to fly all the way to switzerland to get the lace, I have to make sure she gets her money back. Talk about blackmail.
  • Hey Ember,

    Thanks for the email, great contacts but i haven't called them up yet. I thot i'd already replied to you (sorry, been so busy this week!) I'm leaving in 2 days and trying to tie up as many loose ends as i can before then. I think those ushers/ bouncers are gonna have to be a must-have now. LOL, isn't it sad that we are having to actually forcefully keep people out of our weddings?! If only we africans understood the meaning of the word RSVP...
    Hey ladies I've been MIA for a while as i had an exam like 3 days after the registry, still on placement and trying to organise the reception this sat!

    I totally understand about mum's taking over and over blown guestlists! my only thing is i've gone to a few weddings in my time just as a friend of a friend so i can't moan too much about gatecrashers! I've catered for 200 ppl and have sorted others to make additional snacks for later but i don't really care if you stroll in at 9/10 and moan cos the food's finished when it started at 6!

    can i ask where ppl are getting their table linen/swag/runners from as the lady who's suppose to be sorting out my decoration has really been messing me around so i've had to do majority of the things!

    oh welcome to the newcomers, image
  • kafagiwakafagiwa Posts: 48
    Hi guys

    I totally sympathise with the whole mumsie situation. The wedding was meant to be small only 130 people, in the last 2 weeks my mum has managed to invite an extra 70 people . Luckily the venue can only accommodate 200 for the main meal so I've had to warn her to stop unless they can't get in for health and safety reasons.

    We've now got too many people to fit into the civil ceremony room because of tis and we are relying on people keeping naija time and turning up late.

    We've compromised and told her she can invite a few more for the evening as we can accommodate more people and there is another round of food so hopefully they won't starve.

    Luckily the trad is at my uncles and he's put his foot down so it will be literally both our families and a few friends.

    N1 try, I got some quotes for napkins and stuff from them in different colours and they supply table cloths etc. Not sure about runners though!

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