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Hi ladies

Thought i restart this just as way of getting to know more about what other Brides are going through.

I'm Toks, British-Nigerian and my H2B is from Sierra Leone. we were getting married May 10th but had to change it to May 31st which means i should be revising but yet here i am still online!

everything's pretty much in place just some last minute stuff to sort out


  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride

    I'm Cheryl. I'm a Bajan Brit (Parents are Barbadian), and my other half is from Cork in Ireland. Getting married 18th October this year in Cork.

    Great idea for a thread. Let's keep this going!! x
  • koolbridekoolbride Posts: 85
    Hi, I'm Lisa and both me and H2B are Ghanaian, were getting married on 7th June this year and i cant wait.

    Done pretty much everything, just waiting to get married!
  • 'Hi, I'm Ayo and i'm a yyw addict!'

    I'm mixed, English-Nigerian and H2B is Guyanese. We're getting married on September 20th in North London. I think i'm at the halfway mark re: planning. My sis seems to think its all booked but i'm certain i must be forgetting something critical. lol
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    Hi, I'm Uche and both myself and h2b are nigerian. We are also getting married on July 12 in north london and we've booked everything. Off tot he maldives afterwards

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  • princessredzprincessredz Posts: 152

    Great thread idea! I'm Marcie and I'm Trinidadian, my other half is British, and we're not getting married till January back in Trinidad. So way behind most of the rest of you in planning terms!

    M xx
    this is great! looks like I'm still the first bride to go! ha! Lisa i'm so jealous, the big tings are taken care of just some little little things to go!

    Uche, I love your site, I kinda wanted to do one but then decided against it but now i wish i had.

    Marcie, Trinidad in Jan, how nice!!!
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Hi Marcie

    Whereabouts in Trinidad are you getting married? I have Trini relatives in San Fernando and my stepmother is from Port-of-Spain.

    I'd love to go back to Barbados to marry, but I'd never get away with a quiet wedding. It's bad enough getting married in Ireland!
    uche, your 1st bday outfit is too cute! diva already hey! and is your dj white or mixed, does he play african beats also?
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305

    you do look like 1 f the first ones to get married- soo excited for u and i don't even know u lol!!! Make sure we can see pics!!

    As for my first bday pic, my mum just cut her headtie in half and wrapped it round my body, I didn't have any hair so she had to make a miniature headdress aswell.

    My DJ is called omo whyte. he's a nigerian mixed with white or just fair. I am unsure. all i know is that his DJ name means 'white child'. He plays rnb, nigerian, old skool, soul, gospel, youruba, ragga, bashment, etc. He plays weekly at a bar/restaurant/nightclub in south london called island buka. He's very good. ALL my friends use him ffor events- i almost feel sorry for him. Must be bored seeing our faces at every wedding, bday etc!!

    Regarding the website, we have alot of family & firneds who'll be coming from afar and we don't want them to have only seen the bride/groom for the first time at the wedding. we felt the site was a way of telling our story and including those who can't make it, like my cousins in colorado would LOVE to make it but can't. It took me 3 weeks (well us!!) and it was a true bonding exercise for us both. we have rarely done much weddingplanning together so it wa snice creating it.
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738

    I'm mixed with G'parents of Jamaican & Guyanese descent.... H2b's English.. both 24 y/o living in the Midlands

    Off to Rose Hall Resort in Jamaica on 23rd August to get married.... only 118days till the wedding - Wooo Hooo....

    40 odd people attending and getting very excited image

    Oh... diet was meant to start this week (shes says drinking a glass of Rose!!)... starts again on Monday!! lol...

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi I am nigerian born in the UK and h2b is english, living in London. Getting married in Sept this year in the Dorchester. Tinkerbell, saw your latest pic, you look great, I love your hairstyle.

    My diet starts on Mon too, I officially hate M and S food. especially their percy pigs!!!Lol!!
  • majanukmajanuk Posts: 76
    Hi ladies

    Im Jane h2b is Irvine. I am West indian mixed between St lucia and Guyana born in uk, h2b Dominican not getting married until 2009 so lots of planning still to do.

  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    Hi Toks,

    Just saw your message on our website. Too sweet!!!!
  • brownsuga70brownsuga70 Posts: 54
    Hi All

    I'm a british born Nigerian, H2B is English we both live in Kent and will be getting married on the 13th June.

    Only 41 days to goimage

    Can't wait
  • MissDCAMissDCA Posts: 3
    Hi All

    I'm mixed (Caribbean) Dominican and Antiguan, H2B is Nigerian (Urhobo & Yoruba). Our wedding day is 16 August (105 days to go).......

    Not really done much planning and only just decided to have a traditional wedding so I am now feeling the pressure!!!

    I've not posted in here before but make it my lunch time mission to catch up on the world of my African/Caribbean sistas!!!
  • nat1uknat1uk Posts: 52
    Hi everyone

    I'm Serena a british born Bajan and h2b is English. We're getting married feb 09. We have booked a venue (Buxted Park Hotel) which i fell in love with but thats about it so far. Although i have spent hours researching on the net. I love a bargin.

    Think i have found the perfect dress. Its a maggie Sottero called Leah. Looks great in the pic just hope it will look as good on me!

    Have been thinking a lot about the music. I really want to find a dj that suits the bajans and the brits although i love the idea of my h2bs grandmother dancing to a bit of reggae.

    Going to the Maldives and Sri lanka for the honeymoon. Have recieved some quotes and the price isnt as scary as i thought.

    Uchewally, loved the website. You really are organised.
  • AngelDarylAngelDaryl Posts: 19
    Hi Ladies

    I'm Angelina British born St Lucian parentage [now fully immigrated St lucian! yeah!!!] My H2B is St Lucian and we are getting married summer 2009 - so I guess I'm one of the last here to get married? image

    This is a good link so we can keep in touch with each other good times and bad - good thinking Toks.

    We are getting married in Rome so lots to plan! Can't wait.

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Nigerian and like Miss DCA's H2B I'm half Urhobo and half Yoruba. H2B is Yoruba. Im getting married in August 09, so I've still got alot of time, be4 the big day. Venue has been booked, Dress has been picked, I've even started buying wedding favors and storing them away. Just want to have most things sorted by the end of 08, so i'm stress free as the wedding gets closer.

    PS: Congratulations to everyone on their engagement image
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    The little bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses arrived this week, and they all fit the girls image

    Just ordered their underskirts and the posies with Sarah Flowers, but still looking for a flower basket for the flowergirl... Any ideas?? Nothing to big as its got to fit in the suitcase for Jamaica, plus shes only 3y/o!!

    Sidewalk - weighed myself a day early.. thankfully haven't put any extra weight on (thank God for that!!) so going to start a fresh start tomorrow.. Ohh Percy Pigs are soooo moreish.

    Nat1 - Maldives and Sri Lanka sounds lovely!!
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    Hi Nat1,

    we are also off to the maldives for our honeymoon!!!
  • nat1uknat1uk Posts: 52
    Hi Uchewally

    Whereabouts did you choose in the Maldives? Found the choice quite overwhelming to begin with but we chose the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi in the end.
  • Hi everybody!!!

    Both H2B and I are British born St Lucians and we're having 2 weddings!!! Not really - our wedding in London is on the 14th Feb 2009 and we're also havng a blessing on the 9th May 2009!! Can't wait! Trying to plan both at the moment, which is not easy, but I've managed to pick 2 wedding dresses (yes, 2!), booked the venues and food, bought invitations, booked videographer, but still struggling with the guest's so hard!!

    Congrats to all the other brides on your up and coming weddings!
  • Forgot to say - the blessing is in St Lucia!!!
    WOW, dbride, I thought it was crazy for me now we're having the registry and nikkai (muslim ceremony) seperately but you having 2 weddings in 2 diff countries, girl you good!

    Ladies, i have ordered my daughter and her sister's flower girl dresses but not the shoes, do they have to wear the same shoes also as their diff ages 14mths and 4yrs and its hard finding the same shoes in both their sizes
  • marcusrovermarcusrover Posts: 43
    Hi there Ladies

    I was born in Zimbabwe but have lived here most of 30+ life and I'm marrying a Vincentian.

    I'm off to cuba to get married in Apr 09. I have just paid my deposit this week .

    Watch this space!

  • anitaxxanitaxx Posts: 975
    hi ladies great idea for a thread, my names anita, i am black british (parents jamaican) and my h2b is white british.

  • princessredzprincessredz Posts: 152
    catlover64 - we're getting married (hopefully! fingers crossed the archbishop agrees!) in Holy Name Chapel with the reception at Ortinola Great House in Maracas St Joseph. I'm from Cascade, so a town girl - not very familiar with South!

    DiamondBride - I'm also having 2 weddings! Our main one is back home in January and then there's a blassing and party happening in Bristol next summer. So loving the fact that I get to wear my dress twice! image

    Very jealous of all the Maldives honeymoons... Might have to steal some of your ideas for when we have our delayed oneimage

    M xx
  • sharlouisesharlouise Posts: 789
    Hi ladies I am black british(grandparents Jamaican)My H2B is white Irish.We are getting married in St Lucia in 6 weeks,very excited.

    We are staying at the sandals Grande St Lucian.

    Have a massive party when we come home,so get to wear my dress twice.xx
  • Hi ladies,I am from Zimbabwe and by H2B is Nigerian. We have 2 children and are gettng married here on August 2nd 08.
  • Hi ladies,I am from Zimbabwe and by H2B is Nigerian. We have 2 children and are gettng married here on August 2nd 08.
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