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Betrayed by bridesmaid

One of my supposedly good friend has just let me down. She was the first one aside my family that i

told about getting married. She was meant to be on my train. I gave her the assignment of finding the

bridesmaids' dresses and i realised she just kept stalling. She came to my place today to inform me that

she will be getting married and guess what? She's getting married the same day I am. I feel so angry

and upset. I told her i am really disappointed because the day is meant to be mine and our friends will

have to choose whose wedding they want to attend.



    that's just so wrong on so many levels! I can't even believe she would do such a thing!

    do you guys have a lot of friends in common, have you spoken to them and what have they said. I know if it was me even if i was closer to her i would still come to yours as you chose your date first.

    Thought this was the kind of thing that only happens in soap. so sorry hun
  • Eme91Eme91 Posts: 35
    Oh my word! thats not fair - cant she change her date? is sh ereally a "friend"?

    whats she playing at? why didnt she say earlier?

    dont worry take it easy - these things happen

    will you be getting married in the same country?
  • debbieolatdebbieolat Posts: 23
    yes, we're getting married in the same country. About 20 mins away from each other. Our Pastor(we all attend the same church) in UK postponed her holiday so she could attend my wedding.
  • Try not to worry to much about it. Your friend was wrong beyond all levels but at the end of the day you must not let that spoil your own day. She should be ashamed of herself but as they say....'what goes around, comes around'

    Maybe talk to her and find out why she chose the same day as you... There might be a weird reason
  • koolbridekoolbride Posts: 85
    How about a double wedding?

    It will cut costs and your friends wont have to choose.
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    My goodness, that's awful!!

    I can fully see why you are so frustrated with her... has she given you a reason why she has done that?!

    For all the days out the year... was that honestly the only day should could get married?!

    When is the wedding? Do you have support from your other bridesmaid to continue organising the day?

    Try and stay positive hun!! x
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Why do people do these things, there are many dates to choose and she chooses that one?? I dont get it! Maybe your joint friends will attend each for a while. See if she can change her date, if not dont let it worry you.
  • AngelmcebAngelmceb Posts: 211
    I am really upset for you - it is shocking to think that she hasn't been honest with you before. When did she get engaged? When are the weddings? What have your friends said?
  • adelesarahadelesarah Posts: 1,981
    Get your save the dates sent out, or your invites if you're close enough! Get them out before her, lol!
  • Sparkly28Sparkly28 Posts: 472
    Thats really selfish, why has she picked that date? I can understand how upset you must feel. I agree with Princess Geneva, get your STDs out quick!
  • debbieolatdebbieolat Posts: 23
    She called me today, asking me if i can give her the numbers of the wedding shop i've been to. I just said to her that i was quite busy at the moment and will get back to her. What a nerve!!! I've been trying to get it out of my mind, then she comes up with this

  • MrsW00dyMrsW00dy Posts: 586
    How rude!!! It's one thing to have the same date, but to pinch your suppliers pushes it to the limit!

    Try not to worry about it too much, just make sure you get save the dates and invitations out as early as possible!

    Good luck!

  • Now that friend of yours has pushed it too far!!! Not only does she have the audacity to steal your date, she now wants you to hook her up with your contacts!!??!! It is soooooo out of order. I would tell her straight up how disrespectful, inconsiderate and unthoughtful she is being with all of this and then hurry up and get everything you need to book sorted so you are not put out because of her total selfishness!!!! I would so kill any 'friend' or mine who tried to pull a stunt like this
    same here Ayo, that so called friend would get cut off so quick her head would spin! she's totally out of order
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Personally? I don't think this wedding's gonna take place. As for hooking her up with your contacts and suppliers? She's having a tin bath isn't she (cheeky mare)? From the time I saw that, I thought she wasn't going to follow through!

    I think your 'friend' is jealous and is doing a spot of attention-seeking here. Do you know her supposed H2B? Maybe you or a mutual friend could have a quiet word and sus out how the land lies?

    Meanwhile - as some of the others have suggested. Get your beats in first girl! Send out those STD cards and get everything lined up and ready to go. And DON'T tell her anything!

    Good luck! x
  • shazzzaashazzzaa Posts: 25
    That's really not nice of her. She clearly isn't a friend. What have your joint friends said about it? I guess they'll split the day between you.

    The problem with that is that everyone could go to your day and her evening leaving the dance floor empty for your evening reception!! You should think about what you want to do. If you'd really like people to be there in the eve. invite them to the eve only.

    For me i'm really looking forward to the party as i've got a really good band. i'd invite them all to the eve only and only have family for the day. I'd probably make out it was so my friends didn't have to choose. That way all my fam would be around for the wedding and the party would be pumping in the eve. Do you have lots of the same friends?
  • offtheshelfofftheshelf Posts: 340
    Really feel for you, thats a very spiteful thing to do!! Would def reconsider if she was a 'friend'. Don't think I would forgive anyone for doing that to me x
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    What!!! that girl needs to be slapped upside her she crazy? jealous? or just a prime bitch!

    She is no friend and you don't need ugly in your life like her. I would go ballistic...really I would!
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    ^^Lol! Your Funny Pinkbambi!x
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    yeah but the woman must be a doggone fool! As Sassy would say...It would have been Blackie Chan time!
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Lol!! Blackie Chan!! Lol!!

    I just dont get why someone would do that. It is even cheekier to then ask for suppliers, what are the suppliers going to do? Do both weddings??
  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hi guy's

    Well to be honest you sound like far to much of a nice person. If I were you I would throw my dummy out of the pram and give her what for. If she was your best friend she would not do this to you. What a horrible horrible cow. What a Judas!!!!

    I think you must really make your feeling known. Don't give her any help, I can't believe she had the front to ask!!!!

    When you send your STD's ask everyone to RSVP. If you share the majority of your friends, this is bad news for your guests, they will find it really difficult and you may find some slopping off to fit both wedings in. I would seriously approach her and demand that she change the date, even if its a day later, it will help.

    I hope you find some sort of solution.x

    P.s keep us informed.
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