Under the skin spots, help!!!

Hi girls,

I desperately need some help regarding my spots. For some reason i seem to be getting more spotty as i'm getting older, great!, i'm only 31!! I usually get a little bit spotty before my period but recently i seem to be getting a lot of under the skin spots, the ones that are massive and hurt due to the pressure that they cause. I haven't changed my washing routine, products etc.. so not quite sure why i'm having a second adolescence!!

Just starting using bio oil for the dark blemishes that they leave behind, i think its working but can anyone recommend any facial products l could/should try to help with my sorry situation?

Thanks girls:\)


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    Ah i suffer with my skin too..i kno exactly what u mean about the under the skin ones... they are sooo sore!

    I'd go see ur Doc... nothing I've bought over the counter has ever been any good.. altho mine can flare up quite bad so urs might not need something quite so harsh...

    I just think you could spend months trying stuff thats advertised on TV then end up having to go see ur doctor anyway! xx
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    Thanks curlyb2b, perhaps i'll do that x
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    I have always suffered with my skin for about 11 years now and since me and my H2B have booked our wedding it was time that I tried to find something to get rid of the blumin things.

    Like u i tried EVERYTHING on the high street and a couple of prescribed medicines which all failed.

    A couple of months ago I was speakin to someone who suffered with really bad acne and they saw there doctor and he gave her the contraceptive pill Dianette.

    I saw my doc and he has given me the same thing it takes a while to sort out but everyone who has used it for spots absolutely swears by it. I am still in the beginning stages of taking it but i can already see that my skin is far less greasy. I dont know if you would consider it, its just thats what alot of my friends have said actually really works. And even better its FREE i hope this helps you as I am in the same position and am praying it works for me xx
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    Dianette is fab I was on it for 6 years it really cleared my skin up, I stopped taking it when we were trying for a baby and my skin was fine, then I got pregnant and I have never had better skin in my life! After my son was born I went back on Dianette but it made me really hungry and depressed so I stopped taking it after a month I am now on Yasmin. So I would recommend it but I don't think you can take it forever, I have heard that it is one of the worst pills for bringing on depression although in the first 6 years I was fine, so you should go for it.
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    thats great. Just want it to start working now am impatient hehe. I have been really down and upset about my skin for along time and hearing my friends say how great it is and now you too its giving more hope that theres a chance that my skin will clear up to YEY
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    Easterbride - I was starting to worry about the dark marks left on the skin does the Bio-oil really work? What does it do, fade them?
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm not totally spotty, its just that when i do get them, they are the big hurtful ones. I don't really want to go on the pill for them as i came off the pill ( a different one) a while back after years of being on it for obvious reasons!!!

    jojoPM, the bio oil seems to be working. It is fading them but it says that for best results to use twice a day for 3 months. The only thing is that it doesn't prevent the spots. Its about £8 but i think its money well spent.

    Thanks everyone x
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    Thanks for the tip, I've just ordered some online - much cheaper.
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    You should try http://www.proactiv.com. It's excellent and it works!!!
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    Good idea jojoPM!! Good luck with it.

    Thanks pauline and all you girlies for your advice, lol x
  • Hi hun,

    You'd be suprised, it really is quite a common problem for women over 25. I never had any spots until a few years ago! I'm now 30 and I thought i'd be over that by now.. lol

    There are alot of different options you can try, as you get older your skin changes and you may have to change your skin care products. It might be that what you are using is now too heavy for your skin. Do you use oil free products at all, would you say you were combination, dry or oily?

    Tea tree oil is very good, applied directly onto the affected area, it drys out and also kills any bacteria on the skin surface to avoid spreading into other areas which cause break outs.

    You could also try www.eve-taylor.com products . It's a really good aromatherapy range that I use on all my clients. (Don't buy direct from their site, I can tell you where to get it 30% off.. hehe)

    Stress and tension can also cause spots, as well as touching your face with your hands regularly, and the type of hairstyle you have.

    Try steaming your face regularly and using a deep cleansing mask. Exfoliate straight after using the mask to remove the impurities from the surface.

    Drink lots of water, although initially this will cause more spots due to the cleansing process it will get better over time.

    We just sometimes need to give ourselves a little bit more help as we mature gracefully.... lol

    I've just been really general in my response, i'm not saying you have dirty hands it's just through the day sometimes we rest on them while at the office without really thinking.. hehhe

    If you'd like, I could give u a more personalised analysis.. just email me a picture. I know how upsetting it can be, you just feel so self concious about it all.

    Good luck!!

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    Hi Lola Maja,

    Thanks so much for your response, i guess you are a beautician or something similar?

    Think i'll try steaming my face every so often and will perhaps start to use tea tree oil again (used to use this when i was about 15, lol) but as you put very nicely, my skin is just gracefully maturing so yes, i perhaps do need to think about changing my skin care.

    I'd say that i've got combination skin as by the end of the day, my forehead, my nose and chin are greasy!!! To be honest i only really use soap and water and then exfoliate with st Ives apricot stuff every couple of days as someone told me you shouldn't exfoliate daily as this strips your skin of its natural oils. I use palmers coco butter, the olive oil fragrance on my face which has never caused me problems, but think i will review this.

    No offence was taken about what you said about dirt transfering from hands etc.... i totally understand about that, i'm a nurse so promote handwashing all the time - hehe!!

    I have consciously started drinking more water so hopefully this will help.

    Thanks so much for your help, lol xx
  • Hi ladies

    Isn't it typical that you're heading towards the most exciting (not to mention most photographed) day of your life and your skin isn't as flawless as you'd like it to be....

    Your 'almost breakout' could be due to a number of reasons. Lack of sleep, a change in your diet, a different birth control pill and pre-wedding stress for instance. My advice would be to detox. Don't worry, I'm not talking a full-on juice cleanse - but try swapping your sugary lattes for skin-soothing mugs of green tea instead (it's anti-inflammatory properties can really calm your complexion) and knock back tons of still water, especially after a big meal.   

    As far as skincare products go, I can't stress the importance of thorough cleansing enough - the effectiveness of anything else you put on your skin hinges on it, so much so that a lot of facialists swear by a double cleanse, me included. After a flare-up a few months ago, I've been happily using a combo of Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm followed by the matching Foaming Facial Wash. Okay, so at £40 each (from harrods.com) they're not cheap but I can truly say they've made a massive difference to my skin. Be careful about over exfoliating - you're looking to brighten up your skin, not the family silver for the top table centrepiece! So go gently using a scrub containing spherical grains that will roll easily over your skin.

    If you are a methodical cleanser, really the best route for you is not to keeping trying all different products and brands hoping for a skin miracle but to book an appointment with a dermatologist. The sooner you can do this the better as to really reap the benefits of a new regime you need to start it at least two months before your big day.  

    Oh, and should any little blighters rear their ugly heads, can i just add that Vichy's Normaderm Hyaluspot, £10.50 (boots.com) is my go-to blemish buster. It's packed with spot-slaying hyaluronic and salicylic acid to calm and purify your complexion. Could be one to slip - along with your concealer - in your kit bag.

    Sarah x

    (beauty editor, You & Your Wedding)   

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