Any antigua brides out there???


me and my H2B have just booked our wedding in antigua for september 2009. The hotel is the jolly beach resort and spa.

Would love to hear about any1 else getting married in antigua



  • Hi, not getting married there but i'm planning to go on honeymoon there. We've chosen the Coco Bay Resort and that has just the rustic, chilled out feel that we're looking for
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    Thats fab. I cant wait will be amazing. We are having the honeymoon there aswell we are going to stay on an extra week when family and friends have gone home I cant wait. Where abouts are you getting married?? xx
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    Tinkerbride- what channel was that on? might see if i can get hold of it maybe on the internet or sumthing. Thanks for that thou.

    Am sure Grenada will be fantastic!!

    I never in my wildest dreams thought that I will be getting married somewhere like that. Is anyone else the same?

    I always wanted a wedding in the UK but when we started to look around and compared prices here to getting married somewhere gorgeous with fantastic weather there was no comparison.

    Looking into a wedding over here made me realise how expensive the UK really is for EVERYTHING LOL
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  • gem_sweetiegem_sweetie Posts: 1,898

    no worries am trying to when it could be on again so looking on there website. Quite a few have said its lovely there so i cant wait to actually get there.

    Just hope that I can catch the show next time its on thats if they put it on again lol but thanks for that

    love Gem xx
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    Hi Gemmsey,

    We are having 2 weeks at Jolly Beach i Nov this year, (125 days to go..). Have just bought my reainbow shoes dyed burgundy to match my Edie Amanda Wyatt.. Why did you pick Antigua?

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