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South African? *UPDATED*


I am English but my h2b is a South African, I just wondered if there were any South African's out there men or women and have you had any trouble with sorting marriage license?



  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    I'm starting to get worried now, we sent our passports off along with necessary forms in April, called the home office yesterday to chase up and they said this could atke anywhere upto 14 weeks to be approved (permission to marry).

    H2B needs passport for work and i am going on holiday end of June so need it back as soon as poss!!

    Not only that - my passport expired in April so i need to apply for a new one but not sure if i need to hand old one in to do this????

    V worried image

    also in GC
  • DabblesDabbles Posts: 46
    Hi there,

    I'm South African and had to apply for a Certificate of Approval.

    The HO says 14 weeks but I applied for mine on the 4th March and had it back by the end of April - hang in there it will come. There really is no point phoning them because all you will get the standard 14 week response.

    My nerves sooooo shattered that the day I got my card from Royal Mail saying that I an item that had to be signed for, I sent my h2b first thing the next morning.

    My h2b is british and we applied for the CoA and gave notice with his passport that expired 5 months ago!!

  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273

    We have now received certificate of approval and appt with registrar is booked woo hoo!

    He also sat his life in UK test this morn and passed and has appt booked for home office to get indefinate leave to remain, then once married he can apply to become a citizen...v happy!

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