Hindu and Christian ceremonies - Invitations?

Hi Ladies

Am starting to research inviites for my wedding next year. I am having a Hindu and Christian ceremony in one day.

My parents are insistent on having a small ganesh icon somewhere on the invite although I am not keen as I would prefer not to have any religious symbols on the invite ...in any case I was wondering what others have done in this situation. I dont mind having a small symbol somewhere on the invite, although feel it is a bit odd given that there wont be any religious symbols to depict the Christian ceremony...

Also where are you getting your invites done? India or in the UK? Moneywise its cheaper I know to get them done in India, but is it a hassle too?




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    Hiya MK09,

    I understand what you are saying. If you have one symbol surely you should have the other? Its seems you are uncomfortable with having just having one symbol which is fair enough.

    I'm Indian and my h2b is West Indian. I have just decided to but normal gatefold wedding invites, no symbols, just pretty invites, with no reference to any religion.

    Again you can get some good invites online, mine are from www.diywedding.co.uk at about £1.15 each I think.

    What do you feel more comfortable doing?
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    The reason I didnt want symbols on mine is because our invitation will refer to 2 ceremonies - the Hindu and the Christian and traditionally although Hindu weddings use a lot of symbols/religious images, Christian weddings do not - I have never come across a wedding invite with a cross symbol on it anywwhere, and I really don't want one ceremony to supersede the other - esp on the invites. The wedding day itself already appears to be more 'Indian' than English - the decor, food etc is all indian or indian style...and I just don't want my other half/his family to think everything is being taken over by all things Indian- if that makes sense?

    Unfortunately my parents seem to think that you simply cannot have a Hindu wedding invite without a symbol of Ganesh somewhere on it..! I suppose a small simple symbol somewhere wouldn't be so bad, but then should we also inc a cross somewhere too??

    Sh0rty - thanks for your advice, and also the website for cards - will check it out later xx
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    Hi Luv,

    I certainly wouldn't stress yourself out about it. You are right, I personally think maybe you should just go for normal plain invites that look nice that are not sourced from India.

    It seems to me that you kind of feel pushed out and almost taken over by the Indian theme. This is not good. You should have a balance, after all it 2 cultures coming together, its not just an Indian wedding.

    If you're not happy to go with plain invites re: no symbols, I suggest designing one that incorporates both symbols? How do you feel about that?

    Where do you live? If you approach a few printers I'm sure you can find one that will design what you want.

    MK09, please don't stress yourself out about this, its your wedding and you should have the final say.x

    Let me know if you want a chat or if I can help some more.x

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    lol I think I am probably a little more stressed about it than I need to be - I have sourced a few near where I live (east london/essex) so will approach them with my ideas....! I think I am just trying a bit too hard to please everyone when it's probably not that big a deal...

    thanks again Sh0rty! xx
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    Hahaha, I'm in East London also, what a coincidence!!!
  • I don't see anything wrong in having one thing more Indian and other things more English. I am certainly struggling to combine things.

    We will probably get Indian invitations. My parents also want the wording on our invites to include, "grandaughter of..." as is tradition in the Hindu culture.

    However, other things will be more English - the wedding breakfast, more English music at the reception, me wearing my white dress for the evening rather than my lengha etc.

    I have been struggling with the idea of pleasing everyone so I know how you feel. I was at my cousin's wedding recently and his wife was English but still had the whole day as mostly Indian - the outfits, the meal, lots of Indian music. I started stressing about what my Indian family would think about me being in a white dress and the English meal etc. My parents reassured me that it is our day and we should do what we feel comfortable with and that the family will have a good time whatever. Still, it reminded me how difficult it is to try to please everyone and how hard it can be when you are caught in the middle of two cultures....

    Sorry, off on a tangent there!

    MK - How about these: http://www.indianweddingcard.com/designer-wedding-cards.htm

    They do mix faith cards as well as Hindu and more plain ones.

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    hiya i love cake image i think our weddings are going to so similar !!

    I understand what you are saying re: combining/balancing the cultures , and to be honest my other half is really interested in having aspects such as 'grandson of....' on the invites too! Our music etc will also be very much English, with a 45min set of bhangra/bollywood - plus I am also planning to keep my white outfit on for the evening reception! lol.

    thanks for the website - gosh there are so many invites to choose from where do I start?!! xxxxxx
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    there are lots of ganesh images that are quite stylised which might be a nicer option for you?

    We had a mixed wedding but went for indian wedding cards, and all of the grooms family and the other "english" guests just thought they were gorgeous (indianweddingcard.com).

    PS. Try to get groom's folks involved in choosing the invites!!
  • Im having the same issues. Im english and my h2B is Hindu/Indian. I know they are particular about the invites and symbols but i would like to avoid that if poss. We are having a Mandup ceremony after the civil ceremony and we are having indian food. I dont want to send invites with religous symbols on as it doesn't mean anything to me. We also have to have Gujerati writing on ours as some of his family cannot speak/read english. I think we will get printed in English and have an insert in Gujerati for them. Not easy but have to have compromise. Good luck to everyone!! Its not the easiest thing to arrange but im sure it will all be worth it in the end. Just need to remember what we are doing and not get caught up with keeping everyone else happy!!
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    Hi all,

    I've been reading your posts, but i'm a bit confused. I thought that the bride's invitations will only be sent to her friends and family members, and the groom's for his, which means that if the bride had religious symbols on hers, it wouldn't make a difference to the groom's invitations.

    Basically, i'm Sikh and married a Hindu Gujerati and our invitations were the same but the invites that my hubby gave to his guests had Hindu symbols on them (requetsed by his parents), and the ones i have to my guests didn't have any symbols at all. Our wedding wasn't even religous at all, it was a registry and reception.

    Does this help at all? lol.
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    Hi there H Kaur

    Traditionally the bride and groom send separate invites, however as I am marrying an English Christian - we are incorporating the tradition of sending just the one invite (which is usually from the bride's side and sent to all) xx
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    Hi MK09,

    oh ok. Even if you prefer not to have any religious symbols on the invites, i would prob have both on there anyway (maybe 1 symbol on one corner and the other on the opposite corner) because this way it shows equality between both. Maybe think about your future wth your h2b and how religion will play a part. I very much encourage there to be equality in the relationship, including religion (even if your not religious). Hope this gives you some food for thought image
  • Hello, completely new so hello folks. Stumbled upon this thread on a google search and it is exactly what I was after.

    Firstly, my other half is Bengali Hindu and I'm English with no religion to speak of. We're doing a small Hindu ceremony followed by a Civil Ceremony the day after. We're currently searching out invites and such like and have spotted the ideal invite on the "indianweddingcard" site that a few of you folks have mentioned. Are they a trustworthy and reliable site? http://images.indianweddingcard.com/fullview1.asp?pth=D-1158&wht=&prc=1.25&sprc5

    Would you recommend obtaining a sample before we order a job lot? I'm big into thewhole Hindu thing to the point of obsession with Ganesh but there seem to be lots of non religious cards on that site. Something with a paisley style pattern looks pretty cool and neutral.:\)

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    I would definitely recommend Parek Cards (http://www.parekhcards.com) as they do some really nice wedding cards. They are based in India and on their website they have sections for each religion and then one for mixed religions.

    I am english and my other half in Hindu Punjabi, we are having an english and an indian wedding split over two days but we choose some really sylish cream invitations with a lovely ganesh sign on the front with diamontes. Inside you can pick and choose your wording and your signs (so you can add in a cross, ganesh, dancer, wedding couple etc etc). They have tons of picture inserts and wording samples to choose from.. so you can play around with everything in a word document to see if you like it or not.

    Once you buy the cards they send you a PDF of the whole card and inserts, and then you can change things accordingly. I think in total we paid around £180 for 125 cards, with matching envelopes, rsvps with envelopes, and also an extra insert for our registry wedding.


    and there is section on there for mix religions as well. You can pick and choose the design of your inserts and have religious signs, love hearts, dancers etc.

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    Hi there Stevo - I am using Indian Wedding Card.com - I have ordered samples twice and both times they came with 4-5 days. If you want to place a bulk order for your final invite with printing, you get a .pdf image of the entire card so you can review and amend. They have been really amazing quality and the service from Indian Wedding Card is brilliant - you get several emails confirming your order, whether you have received it and any questions are answered within the hour. I would thoroughly recommend it.

    Parekh Cards- as mentioned by blushinbride is also very good I hear xx
  • MK, i completely understand where you coming from, in our case ( i'm indian H2b is english) we are having to send out seperate invitations,

    one for the indian ceremony with Ganesh on it, and one for the Civil service and reception, though all are on the same day.

    not sure if that sugesstion helps, but good luck! just remember its also your day, and that you cant please all of the people all of the time!
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    why don't you two sets of invites give the indian one to the family and close asian friends and give the rest a different one
  • Hi! I am Australian and my fiance is from London, Gujurati. We decided to design the invites ourselves, in a style that really reflects the two of us. Then, we decided to have 3 inserts - one for the Indian wedding we are having, one for the Christian wedding and a third for a post wedding BBQ. We asked my parents to do the wording on the Christian one and his parents to do the Indian one and we did the BBQ one ourselves. Everyone felt involved and although the wording is quite different on the two invites, because we have stuck to the same font etc, they work. Also, we used our initials to make our own logo which we've put on each piece of paper. H2b also felt he needed to put Ganesh on the Indian one. We chose a design that is modern and minimalist like our invites and have kept it small, but still (I hope!) meaningful. We have a simple design of wedding bands on the Christian insert, because I agree that it would be unusual to have a cross or similar.

    Best of luck and I hope you have a fab wedding. xx
  • Hey,

    I am in the same position: I am Hindu and my fiance is English from a Christian/Jewish background! We are having a completely mixed wedding with a Church ceremony, Hindu ceremony and a Jewish-style reception - so as you can imagine our minds were boggling with what to do with the invitations.

    In the end we decided to have a Ganesh as part of the design because of the tradition and good luck emanating from him and incorporate him into the rest of the design with lots of fine artwork detail of hummingbirds and things. Thankfully my best friend is an illustrator and is designing the invites for us which helps!
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