Unusual favours


I'm having an Indian/English wedding and was looking for unusal wedding favours - something like mini turbans.....maybe as boxes or place card holders...............can anyone suggest anywhere - i've been looking for a while now.

thanks xx


  • Hi TanM,

    Were giving Ganesh's. Found some smallones on Ebay- just an idea.

  • TanM

    I appreciate that you are after something unnusual but, i would find the mini turban concept a little offensive - esp. if you have any sikh guests, where the turban has symbolic significance and isn't just a "fancy dress" item.

    Instead, i'd suggest bags with traditional indian sweets/spice boxes...etc or agree with the Ganesh, if again done tastefully.
  • Hi,

    Have you thought about little containers which could double-up as place name holders - eg:

  • BabyLuk1BabyLuk1 Posts: 259
    im hoping to have silver lac boxes with sweets

    universal weddingcards do them and they also do other items like pretty mirrors, incence holders and pens- pretty things like that
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