English/Arabic wedding


I'm Arabic and my H2B's English and I'm wondering if anyone else is finding out it's so much more difficult to combine both cultural aspects that they thought?!

Thankfully, neither of our families are religious so we are having a civil ceremony only. But I'm finding that the little details are so much more complicated than I thought they would be! Like finding invitations that can be printed in both English and Arabic that don't cost a fortune. And finding a DJ that can play both English and Arabic music (I don't want to hire two separate DJs - I want the music to be mixed throughout the night)

The timing of the wedding has been an issue too as Arabic weddings tend to be late in the day with the main wedding 'breakfast' being the evening meal which all lthe guests are invited to whereas English weddings tend to be in the morning with a wedding lunch and then a separate evening do. After much discussion, we've compromised on a late afternoon ceremony followed by an early dinner followed by the evening do (which will all inevitabley run into each other!)

Anyway, I was just wondering what obstacles everyone else was encountering?



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