Hi Ladies.

I was wondering if any of you have arrange you menus yet and what you are having

We've got a couple of appointments with caterers coming up but we're a bit stuck for ideas on what would be good to serve.

We need a sit down menu and buffet.

Guests are 50/50 English and Sikh / Hindu.

Its not helped by the fact i'm quite fussy but i thought the more suggestions the better.


Thanks All



  • MK09ukMK09uk Posts: 70
    hey L_P we are serving 2 meals at our wedding - lunch and dinner. Guests are likely to be 70% Indian 30% Non-Indian.

    After the Hindu ceremony we are having a buffet/snacky lunch consisting of pakoras, samosas, chaat, mogo and maybe even some sandwiches or something like pitta/dips for those who are not used to Indian food (i.e H2B's elderly grandparents) - this will all be strictly veg as after Hindu wedding.

    Evening will be Northern Indian cuisine. We are serving a couple of meat dishes but going to ensure those who are vegetarian are not served them. We will serve the starters as canapes during the champagne reception and will be including paneer tikka, mini lamb kebabs, chicken tikka, veggie kebabs and one or two more.

    Main course is sit down and will inc 3 veggie saags and 1 dal, one lamb keema dish, one chicken dish, rice, naan etc.

    Dessert is likely to be served on a buffet station inc gulab jaman, cake and fruit

    Hope this helps!

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