wedding planners in the north west

Desperately seeking a wedding planner in the north west! - Ideally in cheshire or the wirral. My fiance is Hindu and we would like to incorporate an Indian theme. Does anyone know of anyone who may be worth contacting for our big day on 25th august 2007?

Thanks! Laura x

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  • hello there- if you'd like to incorporate an asian theme it would be a really good idea to go out and get some the asian woman and aian bride magazines- there sold in most of the asain highstreets- dnt no where you are exactly so couldnt help you rite this sec- but if u need help just ask!

    they have all sorts of asian wedding suppliers in the back- im looking for a wedding planner too- and spoke to some one from bradford area- dnt no if thats near you!

    if u have trouble fiding the magazine- write back and i shall pass some numbers over directly!

    good luck

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  • Hi

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    have you tried yellow pages
  • look for a wedding planner that provide this service there are some good ones aroun
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