Asian bridal hair, make up and henna in Manchester

Hi there,

I am newly engaged:\), I am muslim and my h2b is catholic, although neither one of us is religious, so we will be having a civil ceremony on the actual wedding day. We will also be having a valima the day after and I think that I will be having a mehndi before the wedding.

Now I know that people/salons that do hair, make up and henna are plentiful in London, but as we both live in Stockport, Manchester and are planning to get married around Cheshire way, I was hoping that someone would be able to recommend someone/company based around Manchester that would be able to help me and my ladies get ready for my big day?

We arent planning to get hitched until July 2011 but I am just trying to get organised a bit early on and try and save some stress for later on - that and I am soooo excited that I dont want to wait to research things like this! Haha!

I look forward to hearing from anyone that has any suggestions for me.

Thanks ladies. xx


  • Hi you should get in contact with they wicked.. they helped with my whole wedding. i could not find lots of stuff in a budget for my wedding and they did all the looking around for me and sooo affordable...
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I shall check out their website. xx
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    Hi Been, Hope ur well..

    I'm from Cheshire too, getting married end of August this year. My mehndi artist is Sana and she's actually from Stockport so right by u hun. Her work is really good and reasonably priced, even for ur girls..she can do simple mehndi patterns (back n front of hands) for as many girls as she can (usually 18-20) within an hr n charges £35 for that. Her website is

    There's quite a few MU artists in Manc. Sabiha's salon on Wilmslow Rd, Asian Creations is good. Also.. from Warrington but will travel, both were booked on my day though. Depends on ur budget too, obv ones in mags like Asiana will charge a bit more but is up to u. I'm having it done by a girl from Leeds.

    Umm the main planners 'up North' are Payal functions or Coriander but if u browse the web am sure u will find others.

    Hope that helps..xx

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    Thank you so much, this is really helpful. I actually found Sana through a Facebook page a couple of days ago and was really interested as her work is really good and also she is much more reasonably priced than some others I have seen! I have her number and will give her a call. And how cool that she is based in Stockport :\)

    I have looked at the Asian Creations website (which is lovely) but was hoping to find someone a little cheaper, so I will check the others out so thank you for suggesting them.

    Where are you getting married (if you dont mind me asking)? You must be getting excited now, the end of Aug isnt too far away...

    Been xx
  • Anjana24Anjana24 Posts: 12 it's ok..gald to help! It's actually nice to see a fellow B2B from Cheshire way! image

    Ye not long to go, am having my civil wedding and engagement ceremony on 23rd August at Davenport Green Hall and my Indian wedding on the BHol Monday 31st August in Thornton Hall Hotel.'ve got plenty of time! I say that..but it does go so quick!

    Have u got any ideas/plans of what you want? Thought of any potential venues?

    If you need any adviice on anything..just let me know..I'm going through it all n have probably checked out every single venue, dj, florist, etc in the North West lol! xx
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    I thought that we had loads of time, but its quite scary how quickly everything gets booked up! I am just trying to pick a photographer at the moment...and after that I have a whole list lined up!

    Your venues look beautiful. We have booked Mottram Hall for our wedding and are currently trying to decide where to have the valima. The mehndi is going to be held at our house.

    If you dont mind me asking, are you having any entertainment e.g. dhol drummers, dancers? I would love to have some, but as none of my friends are asian I dont have anyone to ask or recommend any! xx
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    Hi, I'm a henna artist based in Manchester 

    if anybody need then contact me plz 


    mehndi by fiza

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