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I don't know if its the done thing with every community/ culture..but I think the bride her self or mother in law for the bride is meant to buy a new vanity case for use after the wedding. Now the case is meant to have make up inside, not just an empty one, and a few of my friends have bought Estee Lauder and Lancome ones in the sales when they got married. I am trying to find a bargain vanity case full of make up too, at the bargain prices they did, but im having no luck!

Just wanted to know if anyone else is doing that, and if you have found any bargains? Also I particularly LOVE MAC make up, so would love a MAC vanity case, but the only one they have out at the moment is a Hello Kitty one, which is cute but I would really prefer a red one to go with my red suitcase. But then it doesn't have to be MAC, I would prefer it to be a well known make up brand like- Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder..etc.

I did find a Dior one on the net the other day for nearly £300!!!!!!!! I may just wait till the January sales, theres no rush, but I know how fussy I am about make up, so I need to see exactly whats included.

Please post up links if you do find bargains!



  • ATuukATuuk Posts: 61
    Yes i have to get one too for my bridesmaid to carry! Unforuntaly i can't help because i got mine from Vietnam. However when i was a bridesmaid for my cousin her one was from samsonite....
  • Just a little update in case anyones interested-

    I got my vanity case form Estee Lauder! Beautiful and red, perfect for the whole bridal theme. It includes loads of Estee Lauder Make up! They only have them once a year around this time of year for xmas, and they usually sell out real quick! Incase anyone wants one. x
  • weetstrawberry, where id you get it from? I have looked on the net and can't find it, how much did you pay and what came in it? thanks x
  • Hey SS

    What did you decide to do about your makeup, hair and mehndi?! x
  • Hey Happyjennie I got mines from House of fraser, I have been waiting for it for absoloutley ages! Grabbed it as soon as I saw it, and im soo happy I did as it is the best!

    Bridey, Im not too sure yet, still getting quotes and stuff, might book some trials soon, and will probably decide then. Its just sooo bleedin expensive! lol x
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    This looks a popular one by Est????e Lauder - costs £49 with ANY purchase:

    I think they're sold out (according to the website) but ask at any Est????e Lauder stockist - you never know!

    Bamba xx

  • I bought that one the first week it came out! lol!

    Ive also bought the Lancome one as I became greedy! lol!

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