Wedding Photographer - Please help

Hi All,

We are getting married in October and looking for a reasonable professional photographer to take photo's on the day.

There are many photographers out there, so its hard to tell who is good and whos not. I was wondering if you guys could recommend and share your experiences.

I am looking to spend around £300 - £400 for the day and looking for around 50 snaps of excellent photography. (50 snaps should be enough, what do you think ? A story book would be a bonus and online photo gallery.

Please advise ..

Thanks in advance..

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  • please can someone advise us..
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    Hey hun

    Sorry that you not getting any responses.

    I think that £300 to £400 is quite a low budget for a wedding photographer but whereabouts in the country are you from and do you want them there for a few hours or for the whole day? There are some photographers out there charging that much but normally to get a good one your looking at over £500 for the whole day as a minimum. Our photographer is charging us £985 for the whole day and H2B's brother is getting married next month and they are charging him nearly 3k so it depends on what you are looking for and who you choose. We couldn't possibly afford to spend 3k on photography...
  • Im having a 30 picture album and a disc and its costing me 700!
  • Our photog is covering 2 days and that is costing us just under £1500! I think it just depends on the style you want. I have read some other posts from people who suggest checking with your local college/university and see if the graduate photog students want wedding experience as their costs are normally low. xx
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    On one of the other forums I found a recommendation for Alexendra Rose...apparently she is very reasonable...around £400 and the person who used her thought she was very good.

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    Photographers are quite expensive.

    I've got the story book album and its costing us £1060 and thats only because we got £200 knocked off for getting married on a monday.

    Ask to pay in cash and knock the vat off, that might help you out.

    One guy quoted us £900 just for a disc!!!
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  • hi try this company
  • Dream Shaadi and Asma are both advertising - see their other posts!

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  • your perfect day.....highly recommended...we used them! Chris is a fantasic photographer to work with, professional and contemporary!!! He will travel anywhere, anf trust me people have booked him overseas..

  • not sure if you got married yet - but there is one photographer well known in the asian communitu in Southend who is very affordable - think his company is called essex wedding photographers - sorry have nt got his name though
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    We are paying £1500 for a full day's photography and videography and the night before photography only.

    I know it sounds like alot but we managed to get the price reduced because we have asked for a disc containing the raw images that my fiance will touch up on computer. Once we have the money, we will then create different albums for different folks (i.e. us, his parents, our parents) as they will probably want different things.

    The videographer is also going to supply us with the raw unedited footage, which my fiance will need to sort out. Part of our reason for doing this is that we are getting married a month later in Poland so we want to get both videos on one dvd.

    Long story short, no matter who you choose, you can often save money by asking for a disc of just the raw material, which you can work on later. Some suppliers won't do this as they make their money from the editing etc plus the whole process can be labour intensive for you but I definitely think it is worth considering.

    Just remember, you will have spent alot of time, money and effort on your wedding so it will mean alot to you both (and to your families) to have it properly captured on film and in photos)
  • don't go with a photographer that charges you only 400. my mother got herself ripped off by paying someone 450, she got a digital album, but all photos are not full-size and she can't print at all. she went back for some proper photos and in the end, she was charged 750 just for a wedding album (to hold in hand) he still refused to give her the full size photo until today (which is 2 years later)

    negotiate you can have 50 full size photos in jpeg or raw if you're really paying someone that price. But if I were you, i'd be very careful
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