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My H2B is from Hong Kong, but i'm English. We're having 3 weddings: one in England, one in Hong Kong and one in China. I would really like to get MIL2B something special as she has arranged (and paid for) everything for the HK and China weddings and I feel that she deserves recognition. I would really like the gift to be from me, as her new daughter-in-law, rather than from us as a couple. Is there anything 'traditional' that I can get for her? Are there any traditions or etiquettes along these lines?

Thank you in advance for any help,

:\) April_Bride :\)


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    Hi Hun

    I'm not sure what to suggest but please join us on the chinese brides thread and I'm sure someone there can help you out image
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    Hello April bride...

    I don't think that it is traditional that you buy something for your MIL2B as normally your in-laws will receive the lai-see from the guests and I think ur in-laws may keep them - but of course, every weddings different and may depend on different situations per couple.

    I would think that if you want to buy a gift for your MIL2B to show your appreciation, does she like jewellery - like traditional jade pieces from HK? I guess it depends on budgets etc what does your h2b think?

    Two things you must not buy (superstitious) is clocks and shoes... a big no no!


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    Hi April bride,

    I was also thinking jade too. The greener the better.

    Also no candles but chinese ppl dont really like them anyways.

  • Hi April bride

    Going slightly off the subject has anyone heard of groom having to buy brides brothers leather shoes? We think ah mah is having us on. Poor H2B is a full time student and I have three brothers!!

    I would also go down the jade route. Jade bangle (solid) or necklace?
  • get some jewellery it always go down well. Traditionally, she'll be giving you some gold bracelets at your chinese ceremony, and you can always give her a gift in the western ceremony to say thanks.
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