What are you all having? :\)


  • nithu_pnithu_p Posts: 32
    I am still a bit of a traditional bride and am going for the tall martini glass with flowers option.

    Not very original but I would like to think of it as classic though.
  • Yes I like the martnin glasses too! I think I might have them, as I was going to have karai stands but im thinking against those now, as I can make the table centres so much more extravagant without the karai stands.

    I do like the martini glasses though, do you think you will buy or hire? Or even get your florist to sort all that? Fresh flowers or silk? x
  • nithu_pnithu_p Posts: 32
    I haven't sorted out my flowers yet as I am getting married in June so I figured there's no rush. Having said that I am about to email my photographer who runs an events company (Tao-Events) about sorting out the flowers (which will include hiring the martini glass vases). Don't know how much it will all cost (I'll let you know) but the only drawback is that she isn't a trained florist.

    I did ask a florist (based in Essex but can't remember the name) how much she was charging for the vases and flower arrangements I saw her set up when I visited our venue (the vases were beautiful). She quoted £15 a table (but I didn't ask about the head table).

  • That sounds like a great price, if thats including the flowers and the vases!

    I might try and buy my own vases, and then sell them after on ebay!

    Soo exciting! x
  • MrsRallMrsRall Posts: 226
    Hi ladies, i'm having martini vases with lazy susans that way i get the centre pieces and the traditional kharai with a twist. I have bought my martini vases already just need to speak to some florists.

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  • Mrs Rall2b, how did the shopping trip go? Find any goodies? x
  • MrsRallMrsRall Posts: 226
    It did thanks, my h2b found his sherwani, just need to go back with my dress fabric (which i picked up today) and order it now. Not sure if we wear a similar colour it will look silly as i'm wearing an english dress so not quite as blingy as my bridesmaids lenghas or the sherwani. What do you think or do you think he would be better in maybe black? as the grooms men will be in suits? hmmm not sure.
  • If you are wearing white or ivory, he could get a sherwani to match that, and then change into a suit later for the reception? Thats what my h2b is doing. I dont think it will look too bad if he wears a similar colour to you, my h2b's sherwani will probs be ivory with a red undercoat thingy bob (cant think of the right word! lol) and I will be wearing red, so the ivory overcoat on his sherwani breaks up the colour a bit.

    Dont know if thats any help? x
  • MrsRallMrsRall Posts: 226
    Yeah i'm wearing ivory, i'll see what the lady thinks and get him to try a black one on just for colour coz he would have a red scarf thingy and you get a red cravat as well. He wants to wear it all day and not get changed and i'm happy with that as they are expensive enough anyway!

    Thanks for your help
  • we bought about 40 tall stem/flute vases from dunelm mill (very reasonable) and bought calla lillies from western international market in hayes. whilst i was at the market, there was another trader with a shop called the baggery and he sold everything you might for decorating tables and even sold vases, mirror plates etc, all cheaper than retail. he doen't have a website, but if you live in west london, it might be worth a visit for all the diy brides!
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