Bridal Shopping Punjab anyone?

Looks like I might be going to India after all!

So can anyone recommend any good bridal shops in Punjab, I think we are staying in Jalandhar, but what ever you can suggest would be appreciated.




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  • There is a large shop called "Frontier" in Phagwara (not far from Jalandar) and would definitely be my choice if I were shopping in Punjab. My aunt recently got married and bought a beautiful outfit from there.

    One thing to be careful about (and I mean this from personal experience) is that you need to be firm with them about the sewing, getting the measurements done properly and getting the outfit back to you on time.
  • Hi, I have heard Frontiers have their head office in Phagwara and thats a definite on my list!

    Ive heard about tailors in India just doing their own thing if you dont keep your eye on them. So I will be very fussy with them and make sure htey know what it is I want. Thanks. x
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