Mehndi favours

Hi Ladies

I have been looking into wedding favours but dropped the idea once I figured buying 350 favours would be too expensive.

I have instead focussed my attentions on providing favours for all the women coming to my mehndi. I bought these really cute (but very small) paper bags that look very Bollywood and I am in the process of procuring a large number of bindis from a friend of mine who is going to India next week. I figured a pair of bindis in each bag would work well.

Thing is, I don't want to just give the bindis. Does anyone have any ideas about other small gifts I can give at the mehndi. I did contemplate mehndi tubes but I am going to have ladies who will be doing the mehndi for my guests anyway.


  • Hiya

    A friend of mine bought stacks of bangles in different sizes and colours and then strung perhaps 6-12 together and put all of them in a basket. As we left her mendhi, we chose a set of bangles to keep. If you ask your mate nicely, maybe she'll also be able to pick up some bangles when she goes to india?? For the bag, you could also maybe add some sweets....
  • I think bangles are a great idea, you could also collect perfume samples everytime you buy any fragrances and drop a few in each bag! x
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