Wedding Website suggestion (it's FREE!)

Hey gals

My fiance is Polish and I am Sikh and we are having a wedding here and in Poland. We are sending out paper invites but recognised the fact that alot of my friends and family wouldn't have a clue about what to expect in Poland and my fiance's family and a number of our non-Asian guests would not have any idea about the Sikh wedding.

We noticed that alot of people are advertising their weddings via websites they set up especially for their weddings and we wanted to do the same to explain the ins and outs of our wedding(s). Problem we found is that it is often expensive and best suited for techy types BUT we found a site called and the whole thing is FREE. I cannot rave on enough about how great the software is.

I love our website and even I was able to contribute to it.

I should mentione that I am not an employee of and I have no vested interest in advertising the site to you. I just figured there would be a number of you who might be thinking about doing this sort of thing and it is always good to share any titbits we might have.


  • I know quite a few people who have used Momentville which is also free and has pages specifically for couples getting married.

    So tell us about your Polish / Sikh wedding Indianflower!?
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