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Hi girls,

first time for me posting in this forum.....

i was wondering if any of you had recommendations for a lion dance company.

I'm having a very english wedding but would love to add something 'chinesey' to represent my side of the family. I'm toying with the idea of having a lion dance in between the wedding ceremony and the wedding breakfast. i know its not typical to have one at weddings but most of the guest wouldnt know and it would be a little bit of fun and a twist on our traditional english wedding.

I only really want a short 15 minute performance but so far quotes are coming at £350+! i dont know if i can justify that!

have any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations? or maybe comments if you had/will have one at your own?



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    Hi 2010 Bride!

    Big congratulations! When is the big day?!

    Very exiting and if only I could do it all over again (not that I ever will!!!) I would!

    I got married back in July - we had a lion dance and we was quoted the same amount - I am based in the midlands.

    I would recommend it as it was enjoyed by so many guests - in particular the English guests.

    It created a really nice atmosphere, was fun for the kids, the chinese liked that I showed I still respected my culture and it filled a litte gap in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast!

    Yes, it is expensive but I was lucky I had it as a gift from my cousin. I would probably sit down and think how much you both want it and if you dont, do you think you could regret it?

    Maybe you could decide closer to the time and see how you feel about it then?

    So how far into the planning have you got? sorry... I'm just being nosey as I am still so loving wedding talk - as you may have already gathered!

  • haha... no worries..... i always like a nose as well!

    I'm pretty organised, wedding is in June next year but i've done the majority of things now. Just have invites to make (MIL has volunteered!) and order bridesmaid dresses......

    We got engaged in April 08 so had plenty of time to organise. In fact wished its a little bit closer now as i have nothing to do for the next 7 months!

    I'm gonna take your advise on the lion dance.... gonna wait until closer the time and see how much we have left in our budget..... altho at the moment my budget is a moving target and not going the right way!

    Did you do speeches in chinese and english? Its just very complicated with us, i'm chinese, husband is jewish.... we having an english wedding but not sure whether to incorporate the chinese and jewish culture without making the wedding look like a circus!!

    how is married life??? whats life without wedding planning like image
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    Wow... June wont be long! It will fly by.

    What are your invites and BM dresses like? How fab that MIL are making ur invites... thats a huge help.

    Aw... it wont be long and over the next few months you will find things to do. If ur anything like me you keep seeing other fab ideas and want to keep adding/ changing things!

    Defo think that u should hang on and wait and see for Lion dance. Bugets... I found it hard to stick with our's - but we managed perfectly on budget in the end.

    I did my speech in both chinese and english and husband did too - he is english but he did great. In fact, many guests (even the ones who dont understand chinese!) were in tears. It was really nice.

    Are you doing a speech?

    Thats so interesting how it will be a Chinese Jewish wedding. I personally think its really nice and unique when you can incorporate some traditions.

    Our wedding was english venue, food etc but filled with many chinese traditions. Guests loved the difference.

    I was worried that our's would look a bit mad... but I thought it worked out really well and had so many compliments after - but then again, it was our wedding so I would say that! haha!

    I had so many colours - red, pink, purple, silver, gold, white! It was a bit crazy!

    Married life is good! Life after wedding without planning has been boring, but, as we lost our jobs 2 mths before wedding I have remained off work and now back trying to get into the wedding scene as I am training to be a wedding planner! Cant keep away!

    So, tell me more about your plans! I get so exited when I hear about chinese style weddings!

    Where you getting married, what have you planned so far etc... thats if you want to share!

    I have lots of piccies of our wedding on facebook if you want to see for ideas- you can email me with the email button under my posts if you wish to and I can send u name for fb - again, thats only if you want to!


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