Mandaps -- How much are you paying for yours?


I am trying to sort out things for my big fat indian wedding, and I was wondering what sort of prices people are being charged for their mandaps/stages etc

Thanks x


  • LeeChoLeeCho Posts: 27
    Hi miss giggles

    Long time no speak - i have been ill and not been able to get to a computer.

    Hope your holiday was good and you relaxed and refreshed?

    I have just had a mandap quote for my own big fat indian wedding (lol) and it was £900 for mandap, 4 chairs, backdrop, fresh flowers for mandap (having a plain silk one), red carpet leading up and 4 pillars..

    Pretty much everything included I think... we had one from another company which was £2000!!!
  • Hi Miss Giggles,

    I have been making Mandaps and other Asian wedding products, for a few years now, I have supplied a lot of Asian wedding planners over this time, what I think is that a lot of them work very closely together on price, about £3500 is the norm as I can see from what I here from them, but they may not be telling me the right price as they hope to get there Mandaps and stage-settings cheaper, but shop around and ask for quotes, If you have a look at the posting "Do you think Asian Weddings are a Rip-off" you will see what others are saying about prices, also I have replied with a few Ideas of how I would like to see how things should be, regarding hiring Mandaps and stage-setting

    hope you have a nice day on your big-day.

  • rakchoprakchop Posts: 348
    Hi Lee

    Sorry to hear you were poorly, hope your all better now. Holiday was lovely .. much needed break from wedding stuff! I think i am now pretty much sorted with venue, just need to go and pay deposit this week. Have preist booked in for the date, and need to just check registrar tomorrow. We yesterday to try some dresses on in a couple of shops with my mum, which was fun, have more this week. Am going to India in Feb for indian outfit, so that should be easy enough to sort, though i think i'll be spoilt for choice out there!

    Need to sort cateres, DJ, photographer etc.

    I just want a fairly plain madap however living in newcastle make them more expesive as they have to travel! I'll let my dad negotiate. Mind if i ask who you are using? I was thinking of the Lakani group, but i see on your other post that they arent great. A girl i know used them for hers and it looked great but not sure what they were like to work with etc.

    Hope all your plans are going well xx
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