Indian Wedding scroll invitations

Does anybody know where I can order reasonably priced wedding scrolls? I have tried quite a few stores onine and have received loads of samples fom India, but because they fed ex everything, the delivery charges are nearly as much as the cost of the cards themselves!!

I have found a beautiful card at, but the delivery fee is a killer.


They are so beautiful, I want them but I cant justify spending over £800 on invitations ONLY!!


  • I can provide you with a number but I don't have it on me they make custom designs and they are very reasonable. I will reply to this posting tomorrow.
  • fapohurefapohure Posts: 26
    I look forward to it, thank you.
  • If you are still looking email me tomorrow, and i can send you some pictures, we have just had some lovely ones done for a client. [email protected]
  • my friend just ordered hers from they arrived within 4 days and cost her £1.50 each image
  • is also really nice and have some scroll designs. If you only order 2 samples they send them for free.
  • vansparevanspare Posts: 18
    I went with indianweddingcards - invitations were lovely and reasonable price even with delivery cost.

    BUT - we didn't realise that on top of delivery we had to pay £80 for customs!!

    And there was a glich in the order, which meant that the ganesh symbols didn't get put on - my own fault for not double checking. So if you're ordering online, pay attention to every detail!
  • Sara-11Sara-11 Posts: 1

    We had our samples as well as the final cards ordered from from

    Their Invitations are super cheap with good quality stuff and so is its delivery in UK.

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